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Why Is School Important

Hey my dear students, Today i'll describe my personal experience of why  is school important for you. We (Students) are the result of everything that we learn from our environment so if we behave in a certain way, speak a second or third language, have friends that are like us, and know innumerable things about anything and everything, it is all because of the environment we grew up in which taught us various things about different subjects as well as life in general. To be honest if you think school is important then you should always be aware of how to focus on studies, because write tech is always right path to achive sucess.

girl with mobile

Hahaha look at this little girl why she is so confused? Hmm! is this because of school and homework?

Are you also confused? but no need to panic my personal experience will give you a motivation of hardwork. The major portion of our daily life style that has shaped us was the time we spent at our home and school.

Children often hate going to school because of the hectic schedule they have to follow after waking up too early but school and education is the most important thing for them or anyone in general.

Schools are the building blocks of life and they shape children for a brighter future. Thats why school is important so, that they can grow up to become better citizens who are aware of things, contributing to the growth, have morals and care about the environment they are living in.

In earlier days schools just taught students the subjects that will enhance their knowledge about things but as things are changing, people have started to notice the importance of overall development of students.

Main Points Of Why Is School Important & Necessary: 

Schools are not just about making the students gain knowledge about things, they are responsible for the overall development of students. Following are aspects in which schools play an important role for the students. Benifits of education.

  • Mental Exercise
  • Physical Exercise
  • Social Exercise

Let's get a bit insights of what exactely these benifits of education help us?

Mental Exercise:

two boys reading

Look at this image and also remember your childhood days. Are you like those two little cute boys?

Students learn a lot of subjects and gain knowledge about various things that will help them in understanding the world better. Schools are important because they make students intellectual leaders who are visionary and can contribute to the positive growth of their surroundings. Their knowledge and understanding earn them better living and satisfaction.

Physical Exercise:

kid gymnastics

Which school play game you love the most. i like hide and seek and you?

For a person to have a successful life, he/she not only needs to have a great deal of knowledge but they must also be healthy and fit.

Schools are important because they expose students to the importance of sports and fitness. A lot of students might also find their career in the same field. They get to learn various sports and fitness methods that make their life routine better.

Social Exercise:

group study

You remember thesedays when you we have a group of friends and we learn together, work together, eat together? 

Students learn the skills to know and socialize with people through school. They meet a lot of other children of their age and gradually learn how to deal with people with different kinds of behaviour and thinking. Schools teach students how to treat everyone equally with respect and how they could try to understand other people without being judgemental.

How can schools be made better?

Schools must understand the needs of their students and focus on how things can be made better at school to make sure the students are safe and learning things effectively so that education doesn’t become a burden or affect their health. Here are some of the things that schools could do for their students.

Make education fun and easy for students

There are so many technologies coming that can enhance the learning of students. Include them in your teaching process. Don’t just go on teaching things, include students in the process by giving them activities and projects. Technology and project-based learning are much more interesting for students and effective in making them understand the concepts.

The intellectual and emotional development of mentors and teachers

Teachers need to understand that they are teaching different kinds of students and a lot of them are sensitive. Schools need to check teachers’ intellectual as well as emotional knowledge so that they can handle children better.

Availability of a counsellor or psychologists

There are a lot of students at school and they live in different environments and come from various kinds of backgrounds. You can not tell who is going through some troubles. The schools need to have counsellors to guide them not just with their psychological problems but with their career queries too.

Weekly or monthly motivational speaker sessions

Schools must invite successful and well-known people from various fields to come and motivate students. Listening to real-life experiences of successful people make the students get motivated and make them visionary people who look forward to their future.

Avoid crowding the classrooms

Schools should not be turned into business sources, students learn better when teachers can pay attention to each student effectively which becomes difficult when there are too many students. Therefore schools must make sure they have enough staff and classrooms to make each class have less strength for effective learning.


So how you like my blog on why is School important, You know schooling is the most important thing for children growing in the world that is developing and changing every second. They need school to be able to make their life which is more than just being about surviving the competition. We learn life’s most important lessons at school, meet the best people and get a second home where we have a great time while we learn about things. In this blog i target everything on why school is important for children’s overall development. Hope you like it.


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