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Students usually have to write a dissertation during their undergraduate, masters, or Ph.D. programs.

Writing an effective dissertation is a complicated yet rewarding task in students’ academic journey.

A dissertation is an exhibition of students’ writing skills and the capability of undertaking effective research while maintaining originality in the final product that will be valuable to the academic community.

Now that we have established the significance of writing a perfect dissertation, let us focus on how to accomplish this task.


Look for the most suitable and relevant topic for your dissertation

This first step is easily a crucial one. It is essential that you choose a topic which has a wide scope, subject relevancy, and is of interest to you.

You can find out such topics through brainstorming, doing internet research, or consulting the supervisor.


Conduct organized and accurate research

 Conducting the research is the action time in an otherwise theoretical task. While conducting the research, you should keep documenting the notes so that you have constructed a skeleton of your dissertation.


Write the first draft of the dissertation

 Using notes of the research, write the first draft. It is absolutely obligatory to follow the general basic structure or if any structure is provided by the students' institution.

The basic structure usually includes Introduction, Literature review, Methodology, Findings/Results, Discussions, Conclusion, References, and Appendix (if applicable).

A student must ensure that the initial research question is properly and adequately answered at the end of the dissertation.

Be mindful of the bibliography and ensure that the citations are accurately formatted. Students can look online for other dissertations from experts in their discipline.

Things You Need to Know to Write an Effective & Perfect Dissertation

Below I mention these most important points which you should include while writing a perfect dissertation.

Edit and proofread

There is no standard rule on how many times this step should be repeated. However, it should be done until the time the student is completely satisfied with the writing style, content, grammar, structure, formatting, and readability of the paper.

At this point, the dissertation paper is nearly final which means it should follow a coherent structure and fulfill all the initial requirements of the dissertation.


Revise That the Paper Abides by the Academic Guidelines

A final check to make sure that your dissertation does not lag behind because if its failure to follow any academic or institutional pre-requisites.


Get Feedback

Now when you are 100% satisfied, you can send the dissertation to your fellow mates, seniors, or any individual who possess knowledge of this field.

The purpose of this step is to find out any details, errors, or issues that may not have grabbed the student’s attention.

Running the paper will go through a different set of eyes that will help you in obtaining constructive feedback.

Barriers To Not Write That Perfect Dissertation

These are a few important points that you also need to understand where you lack in the path of writing a perfect dissertation. 

Not Asking For Help

Writing a dissertation is an overwhelming task and students must not shy away from asking for help at any stage.

As per the student's problem, help can be sought from the supervisor, classmate, internet or even family or friends.


Students and procrastination have a bittersweet relationship as students love the promised land of tomorrow.

Procrastination will only lead to poor time management and a hastened dissertation as the final product. Students must plan their stages of the dissertation within a given deadline period.

Lack of Researching or Writing Skills

If the student has the basic issues of lack of the essential skills of writing and researching, then learning and practicing remains the key to improvement and finally write that perfect dissertation.

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