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How To Focus On Studies

Hey! guys in this blog i'll discuss some practically proven skills of how to focus on studies. Studying is the primary activity of students around which revolves their entire life. However, it is often seen that students have a hard time concentrating during their study sessions. The crucial first step to improve concentrate on studies is to identify the barriers which students face while studies. In recent times, such barriers have only increased.  So, i bring this informative blog for those students who need tips of how to focus on studies.

There is old-age procrastination, then there is trap of social media, time management and many others. Students can use the strategies mentioned below singly or in combination to achieve their desired level of concentration. In addition, what works for one person may not work for another, so, students need to find the strategy which will suit them best in order to eliminate the barrier in how to focus on studies.

8 points of how to focus on study

  • Find a sutable study zone
  • Make use of enhanced-productivity periods
  • Have A Study Schedule
  • SMART Goals
  • Block the distractions
  • Take a break during study sessions
  • Say No And Set Priorities
  • Find tools as per requirement

Below i am mentioning game changer points for students, by using these points they can easily find out a heavenly way of "how to focus on studies"


Find a sutable study zone: An appropriate study place is essential to build and sustain the focus which is required by the students.

It should obviously be quiet, away from television, pets or any other source of noise. The place should have adequate lighting and student must have a good seating/standing option in order to study long hours.

In addition, students should try to collect everything that they will supposedly require during the study session so that they don’t have to get up every now and then.

Students should keep their snack and water nearby in order to not get distracted every time the stomach growls.

Make use of enhanced-productivity periods: It is not only essential to keep an external environment study-prone but internal as well.

Every human being has an enhanced productivity period in which the energy level is high.

For some students, it is early morning while for others it could be evening. Students must try to study in those high-efficiency periods in order to boost their focus and increase retention.

Have A Study Schedule: A routine time table with nearly-fixed study schedule not only help students in adjusting to the study sessions but also train their mind and body to be prepared for impending study sessions.

The routine must also include recreational time and enough sleep time.

SMART Goals: Goals are important and not just any goal, SMART goal as shown in Fig. 1. A SMART goal is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

SMART goals help in creating and achieving goals and not get distracted by unimportant tasks which will not lead the students in accomplishing their tasks.

Goals can be formulated on daily or weekly basis.

Block the distractions: Every individual at every age has suffered at the hands of distractions.

In this advanced technological age, students primarily get distracted due to the social media apps. These apps are a scroll-loop and kill productivity like nothing else. We need to make ourselves more empower towards focussing on studies.

Students think it’s only a notification, matter of seconds or minutes. But the reality is, it’s not usually seconds or minutes, its hours before they keep their phone down again.

To avoid the rabbit hole, students should consciously make efforts in the opposite direction. They can block notification of these apps so their focus is not shifted every time a notification comes and the phone buzzes off.

Most of these apps have reminder of time spent on the website. Students, can set a limit to the time they want to spend on each app and stop using the site as soon as the reminder comes.

Take a break during study sessions (Use Pomodoro Technique): Continuous studying, especially during exams, can lead to stress which ends up forgetting everything. Below these proven steps of how to focus on studies will help you a lot especially when you stressed up.

Although dividing the studying into multiple, break-inclusive sessions can improve the retention time of the information.

By using the Pomodoro Technique, students can split their study sessions into manageable time periods based on their own capacity.

In the Pomodoro technique, a person takes one task, set a timer, work on the task, without interruption, until timer rings and then take a break.

Student can decide what time period they want to allocate however, the standard Pomodoro Technique indicates the time period to be uninterrupted 25 minutes for one task.

Students can also select their time period of break which can range from 3 to 5 minutes.

This cycle works 3 to 4 times and then students can take a long half an hour break. This technique will prevent the students from being stressed out and keep them focused at the same time.

Say No And Set Priorities (Use Eisenhower Matrix): The night outs, ice-cream breaks, help me with the project, long phone calls may all be tempting but students need to realize they are a part of bigger goal which is to learn and get good grades in college.

The temptation or the need to be everywhere must be suppressed by the students. One of the strategies of time management is the Eisenhower Matrix, also known as the Urgent-Important matrix.

The matrix can help the student in quickly identifying the activities that need focus on studies and the others which can be ignored.

Find tools as per requirement:  Students can opt for different tools to handle different issues they might face.

Students can make use of to-do-list apps to schedule daily tasks and have them in writing. There are various tools for project management that can be used for students for projects.

Other tools like meditative sounds, habit-building apps can also be used by the students. One thing I always use while studying is listed instrumental sounds, alfa waves, ohm meditation this will increase the power of our inner brain cells, and it will make us stay focus on studies.

Students can make use of these techniques to stay focused during their study sessions, these tips on how to focus on studies will definitely help you to build up your inner concentration and focused towards study.

One size does not fit all and so the students should also do trial and error with these techniques to find out what works for them. They must use these techniques consistently to see the results.

Note: This blog i described all practical terms of a student for how to focus on studies. i hope you read this blog carefully to know the magical point of focus and concentration on studies.


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