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                                                             Is Desklib Free?


For Desklib, the customer comes first and their satisfaction is what we aim for. When you get high-quality content at the most affordable price, you will gain the trust and satisfaction that we are looking for. 


We believe in the concept of try before believing, therefore we do have a free plan for students to join us. But, Desklib is not entirely free. Although we do have affordable plans that fit right in every student’s budget. So, let’s take you through all of our free plans as well as the paid ones. 


Desklib has four different and affordable paid plans and a free plan set up for students. Students can choose the plan that is suitable for them according to their budget, usage and suitability. 


Paid plans


Per Document Plan

This is a 30-day plan which allows you to view and download 1 document with free customer support and no recurring payments. With just 10$ a month, this is the most affordable plan of all but has a limited download and viewing option. 


Monthly plan

This is our most popular plan which is available at 60$ for a month. It allows you to view 60 documents and you can download 30 documents. You will get free customer support and no recurring payments. This is a deal that offers enough for a fair price. 


Quarterly plan

This plan is for 90 days available at just 120$. With this plan, you can view 250 documents and download 130 documents. There is no recurring payment and you can get free customer support. You can refer to multiple documents and prepare excellent assignments. 


Premium plan

Our biggest plan is available at 220$ for 180 days. It allows you to view 500 documents, download 250, free customer support and no recurring payment. This is the best long-term plan that offers students a huge number of documents to choose the perfect one from. 


Free Plan


This plan allows you to view and download 1 document but comes with certain terms and conditions that are:


  • Upload 2 study files ( e.g. assignment, report etc. )
  • Don't upload plagiarize content.
  • Upload of similar files will lead to rejection.
  • Content should not be published on any other website or indexed on search engine.
  • Content should be grammatically correct.
  • Our team will review your files.
  • Estimate approval time 24 hours.
  • Content should be at least 1000 words or more and must be in assignment, report, case study format.
  • Content should not be copyrighted by anyone


Still not convinced? Consider this, the plans mentioned above not only include high-quality study material but also allow students to check their assignments for grammatical errors and sentence formation so that their final assignments are error-free and well-written. 


Desklib’s plagiarism checker will help students keep their documents completely unplagiarized and authentic. 


Apart from this, Desklib also provides The Expert Q&A option where students can get a personal tutor to solve their queries. All they will have to do is select the subject, upload their query file, book a slot and the experts will answer them in a while. Our experts can solve your homework problems in the fastest and efficient way. Post your question, set a deadline, and chat with our expert any time. 


We’re sure we have given you enough reasons to believe that Desklib is worth the price you pay. By providing world-class study material on all the subjects, assisting students with the assignments and homework, content editing, and tools for grammar check and plagiarism check, Desklib becomes the ultimate solution for college students.  


These incredible services are available for the students at the most affordable payment plans so students can study without being worried about the price. Through Desklib’s online library students can get access to world-class study material which is updated regularly. The study material is contributed by the students from across the world and therefore students not only get access to the vast collection of notes and study materials, but they could also even contribute to it to help other students with their studies. 


So if you are looking for high-quality content on all possible subjects and every important topic? Your search ends at Desklib’s online library.



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