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An Overview of Business Research

An Overview of Business Research
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What is business research? 

Business research is the procedure of acquiring thorough data on every facet of business and using that data to boost profits and sales. Business research helps identify the most lucrative or in-demand trends and services available in the market at the present moment.

In order to identify opportunities and business objectives can be summarised as the gathering of knowledge or information for professional or commercial purposes.

In the corporate world, research can be done on anything. When people talk about "business research," they usually mean "research questions" that are posed to ascertain where money could be invested to increase sales, profitability, or market share. This kind of research proves to be imperative in making necessary decisions.

Business Research Methods and Types

The business intelligence process includes conducting business research. It is typically carried out to ascertain whether a business can prosper in a new area, comprehend its rivals, or merely choose a marketing strategy for a product. This study can be conducted by two specific methods i.e. qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.  

2 Types of Business Research Methods

  1. Qualitative research Methods
  2. Quantitative research Methods

Let's see both the research mothods on-by-one - 

  1. Quantitative Research Method

Research techniques that deal with numbers are known as quantitative research methods. It is a methodical empirical research that makes use of mathematical, statistical, or computational approaches.

These processes frequently start with data collection before progressing to statistical analysis utilizing a number of methodologies. The following research methods are employed when conducting business research.

5 Types of Quantitative Research Methods

  1. Survey Research 
  2. Correlational Research
  3. Causal-comparison Research 
  4. Experimental Research 
  5. Internet and/or Literature Research


  1. Survey Research 

One of the most popular ways to collect data, particularly when conducting business research, is through survey research. Online polls, surveys, questionnaires, and other survey formats are used to pose a variety of survey questions to a group of audiences.

These days, the majority of large organizations employ this technique to collect data, analyze it, and apply it to comprehend the market and make wise business decisions.

Survey research is carried out using a variety of survey types, such as cross-sectional surveys, which need information from a group of respondents at a specific time, or longitudinal surveys, over a period of time in order to understand changes in the respondents' behavior.

Now that technology has advanced, surveys can be distributed online via email or social media.

  1. Correlational Research

A correlational study is done to determine how two things are related to one another and how each one affects the other. Correlational research enables the researcher to correlate two or more variables using mathematical analysis techniques.

Such a study can aid in understanding trends, patterns, and other concepts. It is also feasible to manipulate one variable to achieve the desired outcomes. Generally speaking, one cannot get to a conclusion just from a correlational study.

  1. Causal-comparison Research 

The method of causal-comparative research is focused on comparison. It is applied to infer the causal connection between various variables. It involves setting up an independent variable and examining the impact on the dependent variable and is occasionally also referred to as quasi-experimental research.

Although manipulation is not used in this type of research, changes are still seen in the variables or groups that are affected by the same changes. Since independent and dependent variables will always be present in a group, it might be challenging to make conclusions from this type of research.

As a result, all other factors must be taken into account before making any conclusions.

  1. Experimental Research 

The goal of experimental research is to validate a theory. Such a study may be beneficial for business research since it might reveal to the product company certain consumer behavioral characteristics that may increase sales.

This approach involves running an experiment on a variety of audiences to watch how different conditions affect their behavior and then analyze it.

  1. Internet and/or Literature Research

One of the earliest techniques still in use is literature research. Such research is incredibly cost-effective and can yield a wealth of data. When conducting online or literary research, information is gathered from published works that are typically available in libraries, annual reports, etc.

These days, because of technological advancement, such study is even easier to conduct and more widely available. Any information that is required can be found by a person conducting direct web research, which will provide him with in-depth knowledge of the subject or the company.

To better understand the industry or its clients, marketing and sales professionals in the business world frequently employ this type of research. Although care must be made to confirm the sources from which the information is going to be acquired, such research uses material that is already available and can be found from various sources.

  1. Qualitative Research Methods 

In business research, the use of qualitative research is highly valued. In order to collect data for qualitative research, open-ended conversational methods of communication are used. Such study enables the researcher to comprehend the audience's thoughts as well as the reasons behind them.

According to the individuals' comments, detailed information can be acquired from them in this study. There are many different kinds of qualitative research methodologies, including those that are frequently utilized like interviews, focus groups, ethnographic research, content analysis, and case study research.

These techniques are crucial to business research because they help the researcher comprehend the consumer. Higher sales will result from understanding what drives consumer behavior, and that is the main goal for any business. 

5 Types of Qualitative Research Methods

  1. Interviews
  2. Focus Groups 
  3. Ethnographic Research 
  4. Case Study Research 
  5. Research and Profiling of Website Visitors


  1. Interviews

Surveys and interviews can occasionally employ the same questions, which is one way they are comparable. The distinction is that the respondent can provide a lengthy response to these open-ended questions, and depending on their response, the conversation's direction or the questions being posed may alter.

Such a method typically provides the researcher with in-depth knowledge of the viewpoints or opinions of the subject. Interviewing subject-matter experts can provide additional, crucial information for some businesses.

  1. Focus Groups 

Focus groups are groups of people chosen deliberately so that their ideas and actions can be studied. To discuss a certain good or service, a small group of people is typically chosen while keeping in mind the characteristics of their target market demographic.

This approach allows for a bigger sample size than an interview or case study while still utilizing conversational communication.

Focus groups can now receive online questionnaires to help gather information and provide why, what, and how answers. Before new ideas or items are introduced to the market, a procedure like this must be used to test them.

  1. Ethnographic Research 

Even though ethnographic research is one of the most difficult, it can produce incredibly accurate results. Such a study is rarely used because it takes a lot of time and can be expensive as well.

In order to gather data, the researcher must adjust to the surroundings and watch the intended audience. This approach is typically used to comprehend cultures, difficulties, or other things that might arise in that specific area.

  1. Case Study Research 

One of the most significant types of business research is case study research. Most firms also utilize it as marketing collateral to attract more customers. Case study research is carried out to evaluate client happiness, record the difficulties encountered, and record the solutions provided by the company.

These inferences are used to highlight the advantages the customer received for selecting their particular company. Other disciplines like education, the social sciences, and others frequently use this kind of study.

Case studies are used by companies to demonstrate their capabilities to potential customers, hence such research is essential to the business world.

  1. Research and Profiling of Website Visitors

Website intercept surveys, often known as website visitor profiling or research, are a recent development that has shown to be quite beneficial to the commercial world.

Utilizing surveys to obtain direct feedback from visitors to your website is a creative strategy. Nowadays, a lot of revenue is generated online, so it's critical to comprehend your website's visitors because they represent future clients.

Any business that wants to succeed must gather client feedback. Without it, the business cannot succeed. In order to succeed, a business must keep its clients happy and work to develop a loyal following.

An online survey called a website intercept survey enables you to identify visitors, ascertain their intentions, and gather feedback to assess the quality of customers' online experiences.

This can be used to gather data on things like visitor purpose, behavior patterns, and overall website satisfaction.

Business Research Example

As an illustration, a mobile manufacturer want to introduce a new model to the market. However, they are unaware of the mobile device specifications that are most in demand. In order to determine what dimensions are most in-demand, the company does a business study using a variety of approaches. This will allow the researcher to make informed decisions about how to place his phone in the market at the appropriate pricing and so increase his market share.


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Business research's overarching goal is to support the stakeholders of an organization in making wise decisions. Executives can better understand their target consumers and set up business operations to increase the likelihood that customers will be satisfied by gathering relevant data in a variety of methods. Business research can be done with a certain department, product, or organization in mind as its goal.