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Lessen Your Exam Stress Through Our Online Study Material

Published - 2024-02-13 Teaching and Learning
online study materials

Have you ever felt that your preparation is incomplete just a few hours before the exam? This is the time when you dive into the exam anxiety. The pressure of exams can be breathtaking and it only adds to exam anxiety .The purpose is to basically evaluate the overall performance of a student be it at any level school, university or any other. But the pressure which a student intakes from school, friends and family adds more on the student. At such a time, having relevant resources helps in reducing stress and boosts confidence.

Understanding Exam Stress-

The feeling of stress shuts down any other emotion. The stress during exams can hamper students as they may get depressed or anxious and end up losing marks. We usually contemplate stress as a bad thing, instead it can help students concentrate, prepare and perform well in their exams under pressure. Since the pressure to perform well, coupled with volume of material reviews, is a daunting experience for many students. 

How does exam stress impact your result?

There are several reasons that lead to exam stress during exams. Understanding these causes can help individuals, instructors and others to develop strategies to manage stress. Here are some causes of exam stress. 

Social Comparison: The habit  of comparing oneself with others can not be put aside. Students intensify their stress level by comparing themselves with others' performance and study habits. 

Fear of Failure: The feeling of failure arises either when you are not prepared or when people have high expectations from you. High expectations from parents, teachers  can create immense pressure to perform well in exams. 

External Distractions: An unsupportive environment, external noises or other disruption can negatively impact concentration, leading to increased stress on students. 

Perfectionism: Individuals with perfectionistic tendencies may set unrealistically high standards for themselves. Not meeting their own expectations can increase their level of stress.

Lack of Preparation: Inadequate or insufficient study strategies can lead to a sense of being unprepared for exams. Students who feel they haven't adequately covered the material are more likely to experience stress.

How can students reduce their exam pressure?

Reducing exam pressure involves adapting to new and effective study techniques, lifestyle changes, and few psychological changes.

Here are some tips through which students can feel bit ease during the pressure of exams:-

Set Achievable Goals: Setting small goals and celebrating them to achieve a big one is the technique to keep oneself motivated during the exam time. 

Stay Hydrated and Nourished: Make sure that you are hydrating yourself and having a healthy diet to support your overall well-being during the exam time. 

Connect with peers: Engage in group discussions, forums, or shared resources to build a supportive study community. Somewhat like Desklib which can facilitate connections with peers through collaborative study material. 

Stay physically active: Do not sit continuously at a place, making small moments and utilise small breaks to move your body. This will keep you going throughout the learning process.

Organise your study environment: Utilise Desklib's study materials to create an organised study space. Download and organise relevant study guides, notes, and practice exams to minimise distractions and create a focused environment.

online study materials

The role of Desklib’s Study Material:

The study materials available at Desklib are well crafted as per the requirements of the students. It not just helps students to look into various study materials but also engages them to upload their own material to help others. Let’s delve into the leveraging study material of Desklib to lessen your exam stress: 

Comprehensive coverage: Our study materials offer comprehensive coverage of your subjects, leaving no stone unturned. When you have access to well-organized and thorough resources, you approach exams with a newfound confidence, knowing you've prepared for every aspect of the curriculum.

Effective Time Management: Time management is a key factor in reducing exam stress. Our study materials come with structured study plans designed to optimize your preparation time. These plans break down the material into manageable segments, making it easier for you to organize your study sessions efficiently.

Strategies for better retention: Engaging with the material actively not only enhances your understanding but also contributes to better retention, reducing last-minute cramming and associated stress.

Tailored study resources: Our study materials cater to various learning preferences, ensuring that visual learners, auditory learners, and kinesthetic learners alike find resources that resonate with their individual approaches. When you can engage with the material in a way that suits you best, studying becomes more enjoyable and less stressful.


You are not alone when it comes to dealing with exam preparation. Many students at school level, university level, face challenges of exam preparation. At Desklib you can look into study materials designed not just to impart knowledge but to alleviate stress and foster success. Approach your exams with confidence, armed with the right resources helping you turn exam stress into a stepping stone towards your achievement.

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