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150+ Research Topics on Nursing Students 2024

Published - 2024-03-13 Health
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Nursing research is an important part of healthcare, as it improves patient care. However, finding an appropriate nursing research topic could be challenging, especially for beginner students. To help you out in this situation, we have gathered a list of 150 nursing research topics covering different aspects of nursing practice and education. Whether you are a nurse educator, a nursing student, or a nursing professional, you will get some important insights for your research project.

Nursing Research Topics by Category


Patient Care Management Research Topics: 

  1. The Effect of Telehealth Services on Patient Care Results
  2. Comparison of the Effects of Nurse-Patient Ratios on the Quality of Care.
  3. The function of multidisciplinary teams in improving patient treatment.
  4. The efficiency of self-management education programmes for patients.
  5. The effectiveness and challenges of integrating technology in patient care.
  6. Evaluating the Impact of Cultural Competence Education on Healthcare Provision.
  7. Models of Patient-Centred Care: Assessment and Application.
  8. Assessing the Long-Term Impact of Patient Health on Care Continuity.
  9. Application of Evidence-Based Practice in Making Decisions About Patient Care.
  10. Patient Contentment and its Association with Practices in Care Management


Methods of Nursing Education

  1. The usefulness of simulation-based instruction in nursing school.
  2. Including Virtual Reality in Nursing Education.
  3. Effects of Peer-to-Peer Instruction in Nursing Courses.
  4. Evaluating the Efficiency of Virtual Learning for Nursing Students.
  5. Application of Gamification to Improve Nursing Education.
  6. A comparative study of nursing education between clinical and classroom settings.
  7. Training in Cultural Competence for Nurse Education: Results and Application.
  8. An assessment of nursing student mentoring programmes.
  9. Interprofessional Education's Integration into Nursing Curriculum.
  10. Diverse Nursing Learners: Adaptive Learning Strategies.


Nursing Pain Management

  1. The effectiveness of non-pharmacological interventions for the treatment of pain.
  2. Comparative Evaluation of Various Pharmacological Pain Management Strategies.
  3. The effects of holistic care practices on the results of pain management.
  4. The effectiveness and patient satisfaction of nurse-led pain management interventions.
  5. Overcoming Obstacles to Efficient Pain Evaluation in Medical Environments.
  6. Including Alternative and Complementary Medicine in Pain Management Plans.
  7. Examining the Impact of Nursing Staff Education on Better Pain Management Techniques for Specific Populations (Original Research: Paediatrics, Geriatrics, etc.).
  8. The Impact of Patient Education on Coping Strategies and Pain Perception.
  9. Palliative Care Pain Management: Obstacles and Optimal Strategies. 


Navigating the Landscape of Nursing Practice:

  1. Exploring the influence of nurse staffing levels on patient outcomes in different healthcare settings.
  2. Investigating the effectiveness of interprofessional collaboration models in improving patient care coordination.
  3. Analyzing the association between workplace stress and burnout among nurses in critical care units.
  4. Evaluating the impact of implementing evidence-based practices on the quality of care for patients with chronic illnesses.
  5. Examining the ethical considerations of using artificial intelligence in nursing practice.


Enhancing Healthcare Quality

  1. Lean management concepts being applied in healthcare settings.
  2. examining how Electronic Health Records (EHR) affect quality enhancement.
  3. The role of patient safety initiatives in improving the quality of healthcare.
  4. The function of multidisciplinary teams is to raise the standard of healthcare.
  5. Organising to Cut Down on Medical Mistakes and Adverse Events.
  6. Models of Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare Settings.
  7. Assessing Benchmarking's Effectiveness in Improving Healthcare Quality.
  8. Patient-centred care models' effects on the calibre of medical care.
  9. Strategies and Interventions for Reducing Healthcare Quality Disparities.
  10. Healthcare Cost-Efficiency and Quality Improvement Initiatives' Effect.


Nursing Interventions in Mental Health

  1. Mindfulness-Based Interventions' Effectiveness in Mental Health Nursing
  2. Assessing Psychoeducation's Effect on Mental Health Nursing Practices
  3. The function of therapeutic dialogue in the care of psychiatric nurses
  4. Including Art Therapy in Nursing Interventions for Mental Health
  5. Evaluation of Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological Interventions in Comparison
  6. Examining Cognitive Behavioural Therapy's (CBT) Effectiveness in Mental Health Nursing
  7. Using and Benefiting from Trauma-Informed Care in the Field of Mental Health Nursing
  8. Nursing Care for Mental Health: Integrating Technology-Assisted Interventions with Family-Based Interventions for Evaluation in Psychiatric Nursing
  9. Examining Interventions for Reducing Stigma in Mental Health Nursing


Addressing Contemporary Issues in Nursing:

  1. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health and well-being of nurses.
  2. Exploring the ethical implications of telemedicine in providing end-of-life care.
  3. Investigating the effectiveness of interventions to address vaccine hesitancy and promote public health education.
  4. Analyzing the social determinants of health and their influence on health disparities in different communities.
  5. Examining the role of nurses in advocating for health policy reforms aimed at improving healthcare access and affordability.


Practices of Paediatric Nursing

  1. Techniques for Pain Management in Paediatric Nursing Care
  2. Effects of Family-Centered Nursing on Children
  3. Play therapy's efficacy in paediatric nursing interventions
  4. Immunisation practices for children: Adherence and Effectiveness
  5. Psychosocial Assistance for Kids with Persistent Illnesses
  6. Programmes of Nurse-Led Education for Promoting Paediatric Health
  7. A Comparative Study of Paediatric Care in Various Healthcare Environments
  8. Technology Integration in Paediatric Nursing: Advantages and Difficulties
  9. Paediatric Nursing's Mental Health Screening and Support Programme
  10. Paediatric Palliative Care: Improving Life Quality


Research on Geriatric Nursing

  1. Nursing Care for the Elderly: Strategies for Fall Prevention.
  2. An evaluation that compares pharmaceutical and non-pharmacological methods for providing care to older adults.
  3. Evaluating the Performance of Dementia Care Models in Geriatric Nursing.
  4. The function of nutrition and diet in nursing interventions and geriatric health.
  5. In Geriatric Nursing, Polypharmacy and Medication Management.
  6. The effectiveness and challenges of interventions for mental health in older adults.
  7. Gerontological Palliative Care and Nursing Practices During the End of Life.
  8. Analysing the Use of Technology in Elderly Nursing Care.
  9. Handling Social Isolation and Loneliness in Geriatric Nursing.
  10. Programmes for Senior Population Health Promotion Directed by Nurses.


Specialty-Specific Research Topics

  1. Evaluating the efficacy of pain management protocols in pediatric oncology patients.
  2. Investigating the impact of educational interventions on self-care management in patients with diabetes.
  3. Analyzing the long-term effects of mindfulness-based practices on reducing anxiety in patients undergoing cardiac surgery.
  4. Exploring the role of occupational health nurses in promoting workplace safety and preventing injuries in high-risk industries.
  5. Examining the ethical considerations of providing culturally sensitive end-of-life care in geriatric populations.


Holistic Methods in Nursing

  1. Comprehensive Nursing Practices and Integrative Medicine.
  2. Mind-Body Therapies' Effects on Holistic Nursing Care.
  3. A comparative analysis of traditional nursing interventions and holistic approaches.
  4. The Place of Spirituality in Holistic Nursing Care.
  5. Using holistic nursing models to promote wellness.
  6. Examining Alternative Therapies' Effectiveness in Holistic Nursing.
  7. Strategies for Holistic Pain Management in Nursing Care.
  8. Health of the Environment and Workplace in Holistic Nursing Practices.
  9. Integrative Health Evaluations in Nursing Practice.
  10. Diversity and Cultural Competence in Holistic Nursing Care.


Professionalism And Ethics In Nursing

  1. Moral Conundrums in End-of-Life Care: A Nurse's View
  2. Professional Limits in Relationships Between Nurses and Patients
  3. Artificial Intelligence's Ethical Repercussions for Nursing Practice
  4. Professionalism and Social Media Use Among Nurses; Cultural Competence and Ethical Decision-Making in Nursing
  5. Ethical Concerns with Healthcare Equity and Resource Allocation
  6. Advocacy for patients and ethical practices in nursing
  7. Ethical Issues in Nursing Publications and Research
  8. Obstacles in Law and Ethics for Nursing Informatics
  9. Honesty and Moral Decision-Making in the Leadership of Nursing


Nursing in Community Health

  1. The efficacy of health promotion initiatives in marginalized communities.
  2. Community Health Nurses' Impact on Disease Control and Prevention.
  3. Handling the Differences in Health Between Rural and Urban Communities.
  4. Impact of Community-Based Interventions on Outcomes Related to Public Health.
  5. Community Health Nursing's Support for Mental Health.
  6. Assessing the Performance of School-Based Health Initiatives.
  7. The role of community health nursing in disaster preparedness and response.
  8. Planning and Assessment Techniques for Community Health.
  9. Partnerships for Collaboration in Community Health Nursing.
  10. Evaluating Technology's Potential to Improve Community Health Services.


We expect that you enjoyed this inclusive list of 150 research topics for nursing students. Nursing research is a fascinating and pleasing field that can make a difference in the lives of patients and healthcare professionals. Whether you are a student, an educator, or a practitioner, you can find a topic here that suits your interests and goals.

Remember, this list is only a starting point. You can always combine, modify, or expand these topics to suit your needs and preferences. The most important thing is to be creative, curious, and passionate about your research project.

If you need any help with your nursing research project, you can always contact us for professional assistance. We have a team of expert writers and editors who can help you with any aspect of your research project, from topic selection to literature review, data analysis, and report writing. We guarantee high-quality, original, and timely delivery of your research project.
 So, what are you waiting for? Choose a topic from this list and start your nursing research journey today!

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