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Why choose Plagiarism Checker from Desklib: Compare Similarity between documents

Published - 2024-02-16 Writing & Compare Documents

“I BELIEVE THAT MY IDEAS ARE PURE AND SELF GENERATED, I DON’T NEED TO PLAGIARISM CHECK MY CONTENT” many students have confidence in themselves about their content and assume that their content can not be similar to someone else’s ideas. Having confidence in yourself is nothing wrong, but once a student gets his/her content checked through a reliable plagiarism checker then they have the chance to avoid unforeseen mistakes and deduction of grades. You can use plagiarism checker by Desklib for your masters’ dissertation or thesis checking to ensure that your work is your intellectual property. 

Why choose plagiarism checker from Desklib

Plagiarism checking your content is not about making you feel inferior, rather it is a useful tool that helps in declining the chance of errors within your content or checking similarities between two documents. With Desklib’s plagiarism checker, a user can freely and safely get access to their work and then they can aptly revise their work to upgrade their academic performance. If still you are not convinced, then here are the reasons to why to choose a plagiarism checker to scan your work: 

  1. Detects plagiarism in student paper: Teachers at school, university or at any high educational degrees can use this tool to determine the similarity of two documents. Before grading the homework, instructors can scan the papers for duplicate content with websites, journals and other public resources.
  2. Self assessment: Students and professional writers can check whether their ideas are purely generated or not. There are high chances that a student may fall into the trap as they highly rely on public papers or the internet for gaining information. Running your work through a plagiarism checker online is an easy way to identify passages that need citations or rewording to maintain academic integrity.
  3. Identifying improper citations: Users can identify the chances of improper citation. By reviewing the result of plagiarism checkers, students can gain a better understanding of how to  properly cite sources in their work, which is an essential skill for academic writing and research.
  4. Avoid legal issues: Students can fall into unexpected issues of copyright by catching improper cited passages before they are published or submitted. The plagiarism tool by Desklib helps in preventing this issue as it precisely compares exact text sequences, making it ideal for identifying similarities between two documents.
  5. Protecting reputation: Whether a student or a professional the clueless mistakes can damage and hamper one's credibility amongst classmates or peers respectively. The one time check with Desklib’s cost free tool can help them in maintaining originality and honesty in their work.
  6. Quantitative measure: This rarity serves to be effective for students and other professionals as the exact percentage of plagiarism content offers students clear and valuable feedback. A student can make sure that their content is revised or properly cited and improve their academic writing and ensure originality. 

How to plagiarism check your documents with Desklib

  1. Copy & Paste your documents: You can simply copy and paste both the documents in the designated area on Desklib’s platform. Alternatively you can upload files in any format to initiate the plagiarism checking process.
  2. Compare the originality: Desklib's plagiarism checker algorithm compares your content against a vast database of existing sources, including academic journals, websites, and publications. It meticulously analyses the text to identify any similarities or matches with existing content.
  3. Check for plagiarism: By highlighting any instances of plagiarism between two documents, Desklib generates a report that provides insight into specific sections of your content.
  4. Improve your content: After you have detected plagiarism in your content with Desklib, you can rewrite passages, properly cite sources, or rephrase content to make sure that it meets the academic integrity standards.

How does Desklib’s Plagiarism checker tool enhance learning?

At Desklib, we’ve developed solutions that both check for text similarity and deter plagiarism. It’s one thing to flag potential plagiarism, but the work of teaching students the value of originality and proper citation isn’t done with that one step. The tool supports the entire writing process.

  1. The tool reinforces the value of honesty, and ethical conduct in academic work, which guides students in maintaining the originality of content and properly citing their resources.
  2. Students can foster their analytical skills and deeper understanding by accessing their sources and integrating information in a meaningful way.
  3. The feedback provided helps students in identifying areas of improvement, allowing them to refine their skills and produce rich quality of content over time.
  4. The importance of proper citation and referring is enhanced , equipping them with essential skills for responsible research and writing.
  5. Students can explore diverse sources and synthesise information by developing research skills. 

Overall, plagiarism checker tools serve as valuable educational resources that contribute to the growth and development of students' academic abilities and facilitate effective learning. 

Conclusion: Use a reliable plagiarism checker

The topic of plagiarism is not everyone’s cup of tea, yet plagiarism is avoidable. While students may initially have confidence in the originality of their ideas, utilising a plagiarism checker provides an invaluable opportunity to ensure the authenticity of their work and avoid unintentional errors.  By detecting plagiarism, promoting proper citation practices, and offering constructive feedback for improvement, Desklib's tool empowers students to refine their writing skills and uphold ethical standards in academic research and writing. Moreover, the tool supports the entire writing process, reinforcing the value of honesty, fostering critical thinking, and equipping students with essential research skills. Ultimately, Desklib's plagiarism checker contributes to the growth and development of students' academic abilities, promoting responsible scholarship and enriching the learning experience.

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