Business Models and Concepts.

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WEEK5 E-PORTFOLIO2Benchmarks to Assess Companies like Twitter1.Engagement levelIt would be important to monitor the level in which a company engages its stakeholders,workers, and even the customers. A company like Twitter, for instance, has Twitter Ads that onewould use to gain insight on the level of engagement as well as the number of impressions withregards to click and retweets (Poretsky 2017).2.Traffic MetricWhile using Twitter, one can share. It is through such that one has the manner in whichthe audience enjoys Tweets. Twitter Ads should also be noted to be far much better a way oftracking clicks via Google Analytics.3.Leads GeneratedMarketers can as well use leads for the purpose of monitoring. These are thoseindividuals interested in one’s online products. These individuals may be entering theirinformation on the company’s landing page to get content. One of the ways by which a companycan track its number of leads is through tracking email addresses within the market activity. Alead is recognized as one only if information gets submitted (Poretsky 2017).Communication via TwitterTwitter is no longer just a social networking platform but a digital landscape that is wellestablished. Having such in mind, several companies are exploring the Twitter features topromote their businesses, have clients engaged in business processes, and also provide services.This platform happens to be a strange place with a mixed form of complexity. It uses a set of 140
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