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BMO6511 Business Strategy Proposal DocumentSTRATEGYIN ACTION (ASSESSMENTS 2 AND 3)BRIEFYou are an entrepreneur with a new idea. It is the next big thing, or at least it couldbe; that is, if you can translate this idea into a viable business model that will entice a venture capital (VC) firm to invest.Drawing on your unit readings, activities and discussions, author a high-level business proposal for a venture capital firm using the template provided.*Assessments 2 and Assessment 3 combine to create a subject artefact (the business proposal document).ASSESSMENT 2 (40%)Create a business proposal document.Drawing on your learnings from weeks 1-3, create your foundational business model and business-level strategy.ASSESSMENT 3 (50%)Continue developing your business proposal document.You have received investment from a venture capital firm, and your business has generated early success due to a well formulated and executed strategy. Your business is growing quickly and is ready to expand into new markets.Complete the final sections of your business proposal document to secure a second round of funding.Drawing on your learnings from weeks 4-6, continue developing your business model, particularly in relation to corporate-level strategy.2
BMO6511 Business Strategy Proposal DocumentASSESSMENT 2 – PART AVISION1. OUTLINEYOURORGANISATIONALPURPOSEMaximum: 1-2 sentencesMARKET OPPORTUNITY2. EXTERNALENVIRONMENT – ANALYSISApprox.: 600 wordsa) General Environmentb) Industry Analysis c) Competitor AnalysisSOLVING THE PROBLEM3. INTERNALORGANISATION – ANALYSISApprox.: 400 wordsa) Core competenciesb) Value propositionSTRATEGY4. BUSINESS-LEVELSTRATEGY – STRATEGYFORMULATIONApprox.: 400 wordsa) Business-level strategy3
BMO6511 Business Strategy Proposal Documentb) Customer profilei. Who will be served?ii. What needs do your target customers have that your business will satisfy?iii. How will their needs be satisfied?c) Justify your choice of business-level strategyd) Competitive advantageASSESSMENT 2 – PART BVALIDATION5. ASSESSMENT 2 (PART B) – STAKEHOLDERFEEDBACKREFLECTION(EPORTFOLIO)Approx.: 500 wordsa) Blog postsPlease note: Blog post entries are excluded from your word count.4

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