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1Student’s NameProfessor’s NameCourseDatePatterns of GrowthUrban areas are developed in different phases. The growth of the cities in different phasesis reflected in the architecture and urban planning. Along with different growth phases, thepopulation of a city also changes. Analysis on the planning of a city, therefore, gives importantinsight on the population growth trends. Chicago is one of the largest cities in the USA. The citywas developed in different phases and the growth pattern is reflected in the structure of the city.The current essay deals with analysis on the population growth trends in Chicago. The growth of a city can be analyzed using the concentric zone model. The concentriczone model indicates that a city can be considered as a combination of five different zones(Medved 22). The innermost zone of the city is considered as zone one. The innermost zone isalso considered as the central business district. The zone has the highest land value and need earnthe maximum economic return. In Chicago, The Loop is considered as the central businessdistrict of the city. The area contains the commercial core, City Hall as well as the seat of CookCounty. The Loop is bounded by Lake Michigan, the Chicago River and the Roosevelt Road. Anumber of global businesses are headquartered in the area. So, the zone has the highest economicvalue.

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