Aircraft Duplex Systems (Doc)

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AIRCRAFT SYSTEM2Table of ContentsTopic PageSimplex3Duplex4Triplex7Quadruplex8Dual-Duplex10References13
AIRCRAFT SYSTEM3SimplexThe term Simplex in aircraft systems has significantly been used in the turbine engine fuelsystem.Simplex fuel nozzle was one of the first types of nozzles to be used in turbine engines, and itwas later replaced in most installations with a duplex nozzle, which was giving betteratomization at idling and starting speeds. Up to date, the simplex nozzle is still applicable inseveral facilities in aircrafts. All the simplex nozzles consist of the nozzle tip, a strainerwhich is made up of a screen of fine-mesh, an insert and support[CITATION Ell17 \p 345 \l2057 ].Gas turbines systems, particularly in the cases of aircraft engines, are greatly exacting theirdemands for fuel nozzles. That is due to the high velocity which is experienced in thecombustion chambers in relation to the size of the combustion apparatus. For the purpose ofpromoting proper combustion very high levels of fuel, atomization must beachieved[CITATION Reg13 \p 254 \l 2057 ]. There are many challenges of attainingconsistent good spray and atomization of the fuel. The diagrams below explains the simplexfuel nozzle into details.Fig 1;the siplex fuel layout
AIRCRAFT SYSTEM4Fig 2; Simplex fuel nozzle image sourcewww.jetairgroupThe examples where the term simplex has been used in aircraft systems.The term simplex has been used in the turbine fuel system, where it is used to explain a typeof a fuel nozzle.DuplexThe term duplex has been widely used in aircraft systems as discussed below:Aircraft duplex systemAircraft duplex system refers to a system used for actuating transmitting and feedback thesignals between the control centre and the remote portion of an aircraft by the use of standardwires. Operating signals from electrohydraulic valve and signals from a linear varyingdifferential transformer which is used in the monitoring of the valve operations mostly occurin a considerably different frequency spans and they are transferred concurrently on theordinary wire[CITATION Phi \p 34 \l 2057 ]. Signal discrimination is usually accomplishedby the application of capacitors and inductors which are connected in series and also by use
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