Algebra Problems Assignment

Added on - 22 Nov 2020

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Algebra Problems
Q1. Simplify the questions??a). 2128Ans:{27}{26.2}23{2}=8{2}b).{9 a8}b3Ans:{9}{a8}3{a8}= 3a {8}/{2}}= 3 a4b3C). 3{24 a4}b8Ans: 2[3]3 b8a{{4}/{3}}d).{{75}/{a6}}Ans:{52. 3}{3}{52}{5{3}}/{a3}e) {5}/{7}}Ans: frac5{7}{7}{7}}{5{7}}/{7}f).{3 y}{4-{7}}Ans: {3 y}/{4-{7}}={(4+{7})y}/{3}3 y(4+√7)/(4-√7)(4+√7) : Multiply by the conjugate(4-V7)(4+V7)= 9= 3(4+V7)y/9= (4+V7)y/3
Q2. Solve following radical equations??a).{7-5x}=8Ans: ({7-5x})2=827-5x=64x=-{57}/{5}b){2y+15}={4y+1}Ans:{2y+15})^2=({4y+1})22y+15=4y+1=> y=7c). [3]{3x+4+2}=0Ans : [3]{3x+4+2}3=033x+6=0x=- 2d). (x-3)2/3=4Ans: 3(x-3)2/3=4. 32(x-3)=12frac{2(x-3}{2}={12}/{2}x=9Q3 Find Domain of following function??a).∫(x)= x{2}+4Ans: ∫ xdxfrac{x{1+1}}{1+1}= frac{x2}{2}= frac{x2}{2}+Cb). ∫(x)= {1}/{x}+{2}/{x+2}
Ans: ∫xdx{x{1+1}}/{1+1}= {x2}/{2}+Cc). g(x)= {x}/(x2-5 X)}Ans: Domain of {x}/(x2-5 X)} [ Sol: x<0 or 0<x<5 or x>5]Asymptotes of {x}/(x2-5 X)} : Vertical x=0, x=5, Horizontal: y=0Extreme Points of {x}/(x2-5 X)} : Noned). h(x)= √4-xAns: √4-x : X intercepts: (4,0), Y intercepts: (0,2)Extreme Points of √4-x : Minimum(4,0)e) g(x)= √{x^2}+1Ans: Asymptotes of √{x^2}+1 : Horizontal y= x+1, y=-X+1= √{x^2}+1 : minimum (0,1)Q 4. Solve the exponential equations?a). ({1}/{2})x/3=1/4Ans {1}/{2})x/3.4 =1{1}/{2})x/3.4}/{4}={1}/{4}= (1/2){f{x}/{3}}=(2^2)^{-1}= 2-1. {x}/{3}=2^{2(-1)}= -{x}/{3}=- 2=> x= 6b). 3. 4x/2=96Ans: 3.4x/2=964x/2=32(22)x/2=32(22)x/2=32
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