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Professional Practices In IT

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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1Assignment No. 1Professional Practice in ITFahad AlSuwaidiu3161044
2IntroductionToday, websites are important components of many organizations and individuals because theprovide opportunities for organizations to expose themselves as well as create awareness andmarket the organizations. Currently, websites are utilized in all types of entities, includingschools, universities, business entities, and individuals[ CITATION Meh03 \l 1033 ]. With theimportance of websites increasing every day, it is imperative that entities analyze their sites in abid to determine the quality and level of usability of the website. This report provides a rhetoricanalysis of the Western Sydney University, whose website address is Toconduct a proper analysis, the report focuses on analyzing four major aspects (architecture anddesign) that contribute to making a good website.AnalysisThe Western Sydney University’s website is set in a simple, colorful, and easy to understandmanner. At the top of the website is the university’s name and logo, presented in red and blackcolor. The university name is also a link, which takes you to the homepage of the website.Immediately beside the university’s name and logo are six links that direct the user to the homepage, future students’ page, student’s link, international link, research, and alumni links. Theselinks can also be found at the bottom of the page where additional details are added to improvethe ease of access. The middle of the page has a bright red slide show with images ofprofessionally dressed individuals who reflect the mood of the page.The website architecture and design are simple and easy to understand. All the links on the pageare easy to identify, thus improving the maneuverability and ease of information access. Themajor links and the sub-links have been linked well thus giving users an easy time. In spite of
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