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2What is PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT?3rd August, 2019Performance measurement is mainly regarded as the day-to-day measurement of the results aswell as outcomes, which in return produces trustworthy data on the efficiency and effectiveness of the programs. Besides, there are some of the resources such as time of the workers, human resources and funding that is used for conducting the activities as well as providing the services. There are a lot of definitions with regards to the performance measurement. However, one of the most general definition of the performance measurement is that it is mainly connected with a kind of measurement in terms of performance there is only little consensus about how performance measures can be used or defined. Some of the simplest frameworks that are used by the companies for measuring the performance are the key performance indicator and the balanced scorecard. The performance measurement can be mainly understood via considering the definitions of the words such as ‘measurement’ and ‘performance’ as per to the Baldrige criteria. Measurement is mainly the numerical information that tends to quantify the output, input along with the performance dimensions of products, processes, services as well as the entire company. Furthermore, the measures of the performance can either be composite or even simple. On the other hand, performance is regarded as the output results and their outcomes that are gathered from products, processes and the services that tend to permit evaluation and comparing relative to standards, goals, previous results and other companies. Besides, performance can be expressed in both non-financial and financial terms. One of the main challenges that is faced by the companies in the recent times is that how to align and match performance measures with the strategies of the business, corporate culture, structures, the

3number and type of measures for using, and how to deploy the measures so that the outcomescan be used.Performance measurement also deals mainly with the performance measures. Furthermore, this is also the quantitative measures that tend to put a company into a place for tracking progress against the strategy. The best performance indicator tends to cover a huge variety of area such as: Financial measures, process measures, consumer measures and people measures. This is the measures which will also track a company for achieving their strategy and accomplishing the strategy in an exceptional manner. Performance measures always tends to tell an individual where they are at present and the actions they will be going to take for making some of the enhancements in the results for the rest of the year is also quite vital.In terms of assessing how well a business of an individual is doing an organization needs to develop some of the quantifiable measures. This is mainly the measures that will be identifying some of the aspects of the business processes that need enhancement as well as those that are working quite well. A company may also use the performance measurement forevaluating the productivity of the firm over a fixed period of time.


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