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Running Head: BUSINESS LAW ASSIGNMENTBusiness law assignment
BUSINESS LAW ASSIGNMENT1Directing mind and willA corporation has a separate legal entity which are different from its members and it isincorporated by its own member and considered as an artificial personit can purely work via itsthe members. The important persons who take most of the decision are known as keypersonnels. The directors regulate all the activities and will be known as mind and will of thebody. their ability related to binding the company diprives from the agency. An employee bythe, implicit actual control, apparent authority or actual authority can tie the corporate bodyit’sthe pure discretion of the company whether such actaction has taken by the employee of thecompany and that too beyond it powercan get approval or not.the Western Australian Supreme Court recently took the decision with regard to theliability of the key personals’ for the act of the corporation in the case where the investor of thecompany lost their properties due to the investment scheme of the company(Sugarloaf HillNominees Pty Ltd v Rewards Projects Ltd(2011)WASC).In the case ofABC Development Learning Centres Pty Ltd v Wallace(2006)VSC 171The Supreme Court of Victoria struck down that the person who is senior in the company will beThe directing mind and will. Whose rights will be originates from the directors of the companyand such person will for the advantage of the organization and an employee can considered asmind and will of the organization if worked within the authority( Supreme Court of Victoria2006).
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