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Document on Business Law

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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BUSINESS LAW[Document subtitle]
1Answer 1:Issue-The issue in this situation was that the owner of the art gallery was threatened by one ofthe visitor i.e. Poppy as she wanted to purchase the painting but according to the owner thepainting was not for sale and Poopy threatened the owner that she would sue him if he does notsell that painting. Further, the another was that Asad who was the owner of the art gallerypurchased the window lighting from the Lovely Lighting Ltd. and he wanted to purchase a signwhich contains the name of the gallery i.e. ‘Artybarti' with the flashing red light. He signed theagreement without reading it, and as a result, the spelling was incorrect on the sign and furtherwhen it was lighted it caught fire and damaged the paintings which were kept in the art gallery.Moreover, it was written in the agreement that the Lovely Lighting Ltd. would not accept anyliability once the goods are supplied.Law-According to the law, the contractual liability safeguards the insured from the event wherethe loss occurs, and it is being assumed that he is implied under the written agreement or contract(August et al., 2009). Despite it was written in the agreement that the Lovely Lighting Ltd. willnot be liable to any damage which is caused by the goods after they are delivered, the contractualliability will help Asad in order to claim against the company to recover the damage (Barnard, C.2012). Further, Asad can claim the contractual liability insurance against the company in order tomake it liable. The sign was not safe to use as the window lighting, and it caught fire anddamaged the painting and other things in the art gallery.The company is liable because it is the responsibility of the insured if the property gets damagedbecause of the fire. And Asad can recover his money from the company. According to theconsumer protection act, the consumers are legally safeguarded against damage and injury which
2are caused by defective goods. In this case, Asad can use this act in order to claim against thecompany as they delivered defective sign because when it was lighted, it caught fire andmoreover there was a spelling mistake in the sign. Asad can seek money as the compensationbecause as per the law the supplier, distributors, manufacturers cannot sell damage products andservices to the consumers and if they fail to provide appropriate and safe products, then they willbe liable to the criminal action (Ben-Shahar, O. 2004). As per the law, the person whose productsare damaged due to any of the reason can claim against the supplier whether the product ispurchased or borrowed for some time (Wilcox, K. C., & Youngsmith, D. M. 2015).Therefore, Asad can claim the contractual liability insurance in order to claim the company andget compensated for the damage which was caused because of the defective products.Asad’s potential liability to Poppy is that he should not be afraid of the threatening as Poppycannot sue him because he was not selling his painting as it was not for the sale purpose. Theidea of sue is illegal in this case as Poppy doesn’t have any right and evidence as per the law inorder to threaten to sue the owner of the art gallery because he was not selling the painting(Lareau et al., 2015).Asad should not take Poppy seriously as he has not done anything wrongand if in case she will file lawsuit against him then he will be having more chances to claim herand make her liable as the painting was not for sale, and there were various other paintings in thegallery which she could have purchased and instead all those paintings she wanted the one whichwas not for sale. If the Poppy sues the owner of the art gallery, then she will hold liable.Answer 2:Issue-The issue in the situation was that Jasmine was crossing the street on her bicycle and thebus driver Joe after overtaking her stopped their in order to take the passengers and when theJasmine was crossing the road the bus was pulled without showing any signal, and as a result
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