Improving HR Training Scheduling and Delivery System at Marymount University


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1. Business Requirements1.1 BackgroundThe HR department at Marymount University (MU) consists only of 6 specialists who perform a variety of functions. There is dissatisfaction with the HR services—particularly the scheduling and delivery of training. The HR department needs to improve its customer service through improving its training scheduling system and training delivery system. 1.2 Business OpportunityThe HR current system is difficult to use by both the employees and customers. Also, the current system is very time-consuming. Basically, the system relies on sending emails that held manually to notify faculty and staff of upcoming events. 1.3 Business ObjectivesBO-1: Creating more efficient communication system between MU faculty & staff and the HR department so that the HR knows in advance what types of training is needed and hence plan accordingly.BO-2: Developing a calendar of internal & external events supported by HR and to publicize training opportunities through a link on MU website, so that attendance will improve.BO-3: Allowing faculty and staff to register for these events online, and then allowing these individuals to assess their own training. BO-4: Providing statistical reports on attendance (number per class, attendance by school/department, number of no-shows, attendance by days/times, etc. that could be used for the annual outcomes reporting process).1.4 Success MetricsSM-1: Delivery—attendance must improve by at least 80%.SM-2: Scheduling—the average rating for customer satisfaction must improve to 4.00 out of 5.00.

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