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Running head: CLOUD COMPUTING OVERVIEW AND EXPLANATIONCloud Computing Overview And Explanation With Focus On Small & MediumEnterprisesYour Name (First M. Last)School or Institution Name (University at Place or Town, State)1
CLOUD COMPUTING OVERVIEW AND EXPLANATIONAbstractCloud computing is a term popular among consumers and IT professionals to denote a ubiquitousform of computing, data access, and services which are independent of any particular device.The complexities of the implementation of hardware, software, protocols and policies are hiddenaway in the 'cloud', with the consumer neither aware nor wanting to be aware of thetechnicalities. However, there is more to cloud computing than just using the services of well-known providers like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Cloud computing is a technology within thereach of individuals, small and medium enterprises and large companies. The technology isstable and there are options available for every combination of requirements. This paperintroduces cloud computing, explains the components that make it, the benefits, concerns andhow to move to the cloud. Though written as a general overview, this paper is biased towardssmall and medium enterprises.Keywords:Cloud computing, cloud hosting, SME, online, hosting2
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