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Corporate Social Responsibility and The Brand Images

Added on - 24 Jan 2022

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Corporate Social Responsibility and The Brand Images
Deniz Su Kardaş
Koç University
This essay was prepared for Academic Writing 101, Section25,taught by Gülay Işık
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined as a set of self-regulatory actions that have
been adopted by international private businesses as an attempt to serve the best interest of
the goals of the society as well as the environment. These actions can be either in way of
appealing to certain events or supporting them voluntarily or ethically. CSR is believed to
be known as organizations' activities impacting society, the environment, and the economy.
In other words, CSR can also be defined as the action the company decides to take
voluntarily in order to achieve business efficiency while ensuring environmental, social and
responsibility has become necessary instead of voluntary businesses. Corporate social
responsibility is based on the principles of giving everything that companies have received
to society back. To protect the community, to look after the benefit of society in their
operations has an essential place in the brand image, social and economic performance. To
achieve their economic goals, social activities such as employees, shareholders, and society
must look out for their stakeholders' interests. That is the point where the social concept of
responsibility comes out. In this context, the facts will be analyzing the place, and the
importance of corporate social responsibility in creating a brand image, the effects on social
and economic performance in any possible dimension.
These days, CSR is considered as one of the most significant factors in the mind of any
brand marker’s creator. Studies suggest that CSR activities have become a necessity for the
business world, as the consumers have become more aware of the issues regarding their
values and concerns; thus they tend to consume the products or use the services of those
company mainly. The corporations should be intergrading with a brand that will show the
value and the personality in creating, developing, and differentiating the brand in the
market. Corporations that are willing to be differentiated from other organizations should
create a different and compelling brand image by following corporate social responsibility.
Over the last twenty years, as we can observe, CSR has a huge substantial growing interest,
especially from the companies that are generally multi-national and multi-divisional. The
positive effects of the corporate social responsibility project on companies can be observed
using sample year observations representing individuals firms that are more than 3000 in the
period between the years of 1998and 2012 (Benlemlih & Bitar, 2018).
In order to understand the link between the economic performance of the companies and the
CSR, it is essential to examine the theories that investigate the relationship between these
two factors (Balabanis et al., 1998). Corporate social investments can help your company
create a reputation as a responsible business and increase its value by making these
investments. Companies usually support suppliers who have a reliable strategy. By acting in
a sustainable, responsible way, your company may find investors who can financially help
you. Moreover, your company may positively attract the media's attention. Your company
may create good relationships with local authorities, making business more comfortable and
faster. You can also identify a lot of new business opportunities to develop your new
products and services. In today's conditions, it is possible to suggest that it is impossible for
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