1. Create a table of the four architectural layers of t

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1. Create a table of the four architectural layers of the TCP/IP suite. Include common protocols at eachlayer.Layer Protocols Responsibility2. In a brief essay explain the concept of encapsulation. What is it and why is it important for you tounderstand? Are there encapsulation vulnerabilities that can be exploited?3. Designing a Secure Network. Take two of the technologies from the list in the textbook and brieflydescribe what they are and why they are used in the topology of a secure network.4. In a brief essay explain the difference between the three types of firewalls. Provide a brief scenario ofthe use of each of the three.5. Do some research on the vulnerabilities of routers and switches. Describe at least two vulnerabilitiesfor each. What can be done to reduce the threat to these two devices?6. Create a table of the four types of intrusion detection systems.Type Description How it is used7. Authentication is based on one or more of five factors. Create a table of these five.Factor Example8. In a short essay describe the pros and cons of implementing a single factor authentication system andof implementing a multifactor authentication system. Cite your resources.9. In a short essay explain Layered Security and Defense in Depth. Give an analogy for the philosophybehind this from another area (Eample: physical access to a military base).10. In a short essay describe Transitive Access. Explain why this is an important technique for largenetworks.11. There are four primary methods of access control (Example: Mandatory Access Control). Create atable of these four and describe them.Access Control Method Definition12. Create a table that summarizes the five tunneling protocols outlined in the text.Protocol Definition Use
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