Culture And Gender Perspective In Social Care

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1Transgender TeenagersFrom the past few years, the awareness is being created in the society towards the transgender and how their life differs from the others. Further, the doctors are helping teenagers in order to change their sex whether they want to be a male or a female. The doctors are helping teenagers who find themselves as transgender in negotiating the journey in a positive way. Earlier, the physical transition in transgender was done through hormones intake and the surgeries in order tobe an adult. But, now the medical science is helping transgender to begin the procedure of transitioning at a very young age so that they can live their lives like others confidently and fulfill their dreams. Moreover, the empathy map will focus on the transgender teenagers and is prompted from the article “My Body Is Wrong” (The Guardian. 2014).Empathy map:
21.Feeling/thinking-The transgender teenagers are afraid of coming out, and they are afraid that if someone comes to know about their gender, then they will not be accepted by the society. Further, they believe that they are being treated as unwanted. Also, the transgender teenager parents do not want to take them along at the social gatherings because they are ashamed of them. Furthermore, the research shows, that the parents of lower class or underdeveloped countries leave their children after knowing that they are transgender. They do not accept the truth because of their condition and the society (Guss et al., 2015). Therefore, the transgender teenagers are not confident enough to face reality or accept the truth about themselves. The support of family makes the transgender teenagers happy.2.Hear-The transgender teenagers mostly receive the negative messages from the friends, society and thefamily. The friends make fun of them, the society taunts them and is not ready to accept them. The transgender teenagers used to get blamed for the circumstances. Further, they are being addressed by various labels. According to the research (Guss et al., 2015), the media is not paying any attention towards the condition and the situation of transgender. The researchers failed to gather strong evidence for their research in relation to transgender. But, it has been stated in one the article that as the time is changing, the families are supporting their transgender teenagers in developed countries and they are being supported in order to change their sex according to their preferences.

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