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1. Effective Communication Skills. - Effective Communic

Added on - 20 Sep 2019

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Running head- Effective Communication SkillsEffective CommunicationSkills
1Effective Communication SkillsIntroductionThis paper is focused on the importance of communication in order to develop or build a career.It has been observed that communication is one of the most significant parts of building career.Communication in a simple word can be defined as the exchange of information between two ormore than two parties. Communication is a process in which one party or person sendsinformation whereas the second party or person receives the information. It is a way ofexpressing emotions, ideas, belief, and many more things. Communication is essential in everyaspect of life either in professional or personal (Ruesch et al., 2017). In the same way for agraduate, it is very important to have good communication skills. Mostly the graduates areexpected to enter into the corporate world after completing their graduation. Therefore, theymust have excellent communication skills because the employers always prefer such employeeswho have good communication skills.Advancement in technology has impacted the way of doing the business and hence with theadvancement in technology the expectations of employers from their employee increase. There isa significant impact of technological advancements such as Emotional Intelligence and Neuro-Linguistic Programming on the career of graduates (Atkinson et al., 2016). The technologicaladvancement can make a difference to graduates succeeding within their career. Thus, thepurpose of this paper is to identify the extent to which Emotional Intelligence can make adifference to graduates succeeding in their career.
2Effective Communication SkillsEmotional Intelligence and its ImpactEmotional intelligence can be defined as the ability to recognize and control one’s own emotion.It also makes an individual able to identify the emotion of others and manage them. Emotionalintelligence helps of the people to be more aware of the surrounding environment and workaccordingly. Emotional intelligence makes an individual able to solve the problem as well asable to manage the emotions of others (Qualter et al., 2017). It has also been observed thatemotional intelligence makes people more successful in their career. Emotional intelligence is acritical skill for employees as it helps the employees to think critically about the matter ofconcern.Therefore, it can be said that emotional intelligence is very significant for the graduates in orderto shape their career or to succeed within their career. Emotional intelligence has a long-termpositive impact on graduates. Nowadays, emotional intelligence has become crucial for careersuccess. With the help of emotional intelligence, the graduates can identify the best career forthemselves along with the way to achieve that career and become successful one in that career(Joseph et al., 2015). Emotional intelligence allows the students to think from differentperspectives on an identified career in order to analyze the potential to succeed in that career.Emotional intelligence helps the graduates to critically think about their identified careers andevaluate them to select the best one. One of the best things about emotional intelligence is that itincreases self-awareness. Thus, the graduates can significantly identify their strengths andweaknesses. As the strengths can be identified, the graduates can also develop the strategy tomaximize the strengths. Apart from this, the graduates can also develop strategies to improvetheir weaknesses. Hence, they would be more productive in their career which will help them tosucceed.
3Effective Communication SkillsEmotional intelligence also increases the level of motivation. The people with high emotionalintelligence are self-motivated. The motivation for such people does not drive by job or moneyinstead they are fuelled by an inner ambition which is resilient to failure or disappointment (UrchDruskat et al., 2017). Emotionally intelligent people do not just give up, but they find a way tostruggle successfully.Emotional intelligence also makes people able to manage people effectively. Emotionallyintelligent people due to mastery of emotions get along well with the people. They can easilydevelop trust and rapport with their colleague. It is one of the most significant skills for thegraduates to make rapport with their colleague to be successful in their career. Therefore, it canbe said that up to a great extent emotional intelligence can make a difference to graduatessucceeding within their career.Neuro-Linguistic Programming and its ImpactNLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is a combination of skills which uncover the types ofcommunication which matters most. It is also considered as an approach to personaldevelopment, psychotherapy, as well as communication. It was created by John Grinder andRichard Bandler in California, United States of America. According to them, there is aconnection between the behavioral pattern of individual learned through experience andneurological processes as well as language (Lee, 2016). They also stated that these could bechanged in order to achieve specific goals in life. It can also play a significant role in careerdevelopment or to make a successful career.Neuro-linguistic programming helps in understanding the thing in depth which can influence thebeliefs, behavior, as well as the thought of the people. With the help of neuro-linguistic
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