Environmental Sustainable Strategy : Assignment

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Formative assessmentActivity 11. Environmental sustainable strategy defines the importance of natural resources which helps usto breathe and sustain in the environment. Theses strategies makes environment positive andhealthy with together social and economic strategies. It describes that how environment createsources for us to make resources. It defines that how city can evolve and build new atmosphereand more vibrant sustainable community and healthy ecosystem. It contains vision alignstowards the goal. It makes positive environment and sustainability growth. Which helpscompany to take new growth and opportunity for children development.Activity 2.1. In an organisation there should be taken correct and all safety precautions towards the healthand safety needs of employees. In order to ensure healthy and safe environment employer hasduty to take and avoid less pollution substances to reduce negative impacts. Like to havinghealthy and safe environment organisation should planting trees and plants around the people.This process helps to get fresh air and finds greenery all over the place. It makes safe and secureenvironment in the organization instead of planting artificial plants for the sack of decoration.Natural plants and trees gives fresh air and healthy environment. Activity 31. Sustainability management plan: it is the best method to initiate sustainability development. Itprovides helps to increased environmental benefits and the opportunity for major resourcessavings. To accomplish SMP it needs to be covers some important areas such as '1.Water efficiency2.energy efficiency3.waste management 4.ToxinsIn order to ensure sustainable plan, it requires proper sustainability plan managementplan. Along with that hazardous toxins may increase ineffective environment. Many negativegasses affect the environment such as carbon dioxide, chemical rays etc. the main objective ofthe plan is to remove all unwanted things in order to identify effective environment.1
2. Environmental bench marking: in Oder to fill the gap between requirement of environmentalbench marking to ensure the healthy environment. It makes new and healthy environment. Thistool helps to sustain environment.Self assessment tool: in order to take new steps first needs to make ideas and objectives, it is thebest method to get good results and methods to take things positive. It also helps to make newthings and sustainable environment in order to accomplish the goals. Sustainable Reporting Toolkit: the main objective of this toolkit is to maintain the reportingprocess, making it more reasonable and manageable. This tool helps to measure the pansustainability.Food loss and waste reduction tool: this tool helps company to measure less wastage of fooditems. I help company to make cost effective reduction. Activity 4. 1. There 10 main components in developing and implementing the sustainability strategies. Invest in future activities. Tasking new steps for development.Taking new developing sustainable plan. Linking plans with profitability.Remembering you are not alone. Define the goals of sustainability for the company. Establish new roles and responsibilities. Measuring and follow up the plans and implementing process. Try to involve all stakeholders.Talking about sustainability. 2. Sustainability education is the important for the children development it should be the part ofcurriculum, along with that it makes new and better environment education among children. Itrequires lots of real information. For making children aware educator needs to guide someinformation regarding sustainable development. Engage children into sustainable practises, make them provide all information that usedustbin for rubbish. Try children to use things again and again in the form recycling process. 2

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