1. Goal of making adver-game. Project Name: Pac-Man. Pr

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Goal of making adver-gameProject Name: Pac-ManPropose Game Explanation:Our pac-man game version will have several new changes incomparison of existing game. Here the enemy units will be introduced to attack and protecthuman players. This game will be based on point system. For one-person game, if player gobblesup a designated number of pellets in the game. This game will support maximum two players.For two player’s game, the player with the highest score will win the game. This game willcontain “Magic Balls” which will benefits players like increase the attack capability, allow toinvincibility and wall smashing. These rewards will depend on the earned points.This game will introduce to people who are already playing this game. So that those reviews cantake as feedback to improve the game. Those people exactly know what the improvement shouldcan made into the pac-man game.Initial ConceptsGenre:This game will based on graphic design. This is supposed that this designed with simpleinterface. Where a player or two player can interact with this game. This game will be animatedso that players can easily play this game.Target Platform:According to today’s market the browsers and the smartphones are the mainplatform to introduce new games. Nowadays users are remain very connected with social thingsand smartphones.Premise:To increase the interest of players there are some sounds and some comments will beadded to game. So that if players are playing good and earning the points in very short time theywill be rewarded by some comments for their appreciations.Inspiration:The new version of pac-man is designed based on the older one. So this newversion is partially inspired by the existing game techniques and also with the old users. The newtechnique can be added to this new version knowing what the old users missed in it and whatthey actually expect from the new version.This game will focused on minute to minute. So that in while players get relaxed and morefocused about game and this will make more curious to players for the games.
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