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Running head: INSIGHTS FOR CAREER IN MOBILE APPLICATIONSSources of Insights for a Career in Mobile ApplicationsYour Name (First M. Last)School or Institution Name (University at Place or Town, State)1
INSIGHTS FOR CAREER IN MOBILE APPLICATIONSSources of Insights for a Career in Mobile ApplicationsMobiles have been a technology that has revolutionised theway the people live, work,relax, and go on with their lives (Ling, 2004). Being a general purpose digital computer in asmall device allows mobile to run any software, just like a PC (Personal Computer) does. Theusage of mobiles (smartphones like Android, iOS) has created an industry for mobileapplications. This paper talks about some of the resources a hand for a person interested inbuilding a career in creating, working with, testing, and publishing mobile applications.Online Blogs, Tutorials, and ForumsAll the information required for becoming a skilled mobile app developer is available onthe Internet (Laird, 2012), most of it free, and some of it paid.Free ResourcesA couple of actively maintained and informative blogs are Apptamin (Apptamin),ClearBridge Mobile (ClearBridge Mobile), Innopl (Innopl). Being blogs, they can be subscribedto using feed readers, or an email address and the new content will be delivered without havingto visit the sites manually.Paid ResourcesIndustry experts after reaching the pinnacle in their careers often turn to share theirknowledge. Such knowledge is at times paid and may be worth it for a person who is clear abouthis career goals. Such sites include Lynda (Lynda), Coursera (Coursera), and PluralSight(PluralSight).Online Forums2
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