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Concept of the Marketing- Online Fashion Company

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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INTEGRATION PAPER[Document subtitle]
1Answer 1:It has been observed that the online fashion company i.e. Misguided has theshortcomings in order to understand and implement the concept of the marketing. The companyoffers products for the women only in order to satisfy them and maximize the revenues to attainthe sustainable competitive advantage. Further, the vision of the company is to offer the productsto the targeted market segment at the affordable prices so that numerous customers can avail theservices. The company was established in the year 2015, and it doesn't have any offline storesand the company only targets the women of all ages in order to generate the revenues to a greatextent. Moreover, it has been observed that the company is facing various issues in order tocompletely utilize the concepts of the marketing("Women's Clothing - Shop Ladies FashionOnline | Missguided", 2017). The company focuses on the creation of the product and deliversthem timely, but the process of the communication is not effective enough in order to retain thecustomers. The company is not promoting the activities of the business adequately as they arenot updating the information on the website, the new products are not added most of the times,and the queries of the customers are not handled wisely. Also, it has been observed that thecompany is not using the adequate strategy in order to attract more and more customers. But,now the company has started taking the issues seriously because it is not gaining the sustainablecompetitive advantage and the company is even facing some losses because of this. Thecompany even started offering discounts to the customers on all the products in order tomaximize the sales and generate revenues, but still, their strategy is not appropriate at all.Furthermore, the company should take various measures in order to improve the strategy. Forexample, the company should post the comments on the social media platform in order to have acontinuous growth along with the updated images of the products and should ensure that theproducts are actually available so that they can be delivered on time once the order is placed by
2the customer. Further, the company should ensure that the social reviews are leveraged in orderto automate the marketing through word of mouth. The company should ensure that the activitiesand the products of the company are promoted appropriately so that the targeted segment of themarket i.e. women of US get attracted towards the online store of the company (Misguided). Thiswill help the company to attract more and more customers to a great extent and will be able togenerate the revenues along with the maximization of sales (Hollensen, S. 2015). Also, thecompany will be able to attain the sustainable competitive edge for a longer period of time andwill give tough competition to the rivals and will achieve the high market share along with thestrong presence in the market by providing great quality products. Therefore, the companyshould focus on the promotional activities in order to utilize the concept of the marketingcompletely.
3Answer 2:It has been observed that every organization has to make changes in their operationsand the activities by adopting a new technology in order to attain a sustainable competitiveadvantage and further compete with the competitors to a great extent. The organizations whichwere established a decade ago faces various challenges in order to adapt the new technology, andtheir historical model of business is being threatened by transformational technology at everystep (Christensen, C. M. June 2002). Further, Automatic Data Processing is a company of USwhich offers the services and the software of human resource management. The company wasestablished in 1972 and offered solutions and the services to around 20,000 automotive dealers.After some time, the company started facing challenges in order to sustain the position in themarket due to historical model of business. Then, the company realized the importance oftransformational technology for the survival of the business and the company started focusing onthe customers before starting with the adequate transformational technology. The company alsofocused on the employee in order to make the vision and mission statements clear to them so thatthe new technology can be used effectively and efficiently to a best possible extent. Furthermore,the company developed the culture of learning, change, and growth for the employees so thatthey can adapt the transformational technology and work productively to achieve the long-termgoals and helps in attaining sustainable competitive edge for a longer period of time. Also, thecompany ensured that the employees understand the transformational technology appropriatelyso that they doesn’t face any challenges while working effectively.There were various factors of the organization which helped the company to overcome thechallenges of transformational technology like the marketing, and the business strategy helpedthe company to adopt the technology effectively and efficiently to a great extent. Further, theenvironment of the company helped to adapt the new technology as the culture of growth,
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