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Strategies and Concepts of the Marketing

Added on -2019-09-24

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MARKETING[Document subtitle]
1Executive SummaryThis report will help in understanding the behavior of the buyers towards the purchasing ofproducts and services. The main motive behind this report is to understand the various strategiesand concepts of the marketing. Further, the money making opportunities are being utilized forthe appropriate strategies of the marketing. The objective of this study is to collect the moneywhich will be donated to the ‘Margam,' an old folk home for the senior citizens. Being anindividual, I have commenced business for online shopping of products and services for thecustomers of Malaysia in order to collect money for the charity purpose. Further, this report willhelp in understanding the products and services which we are going to offer, the prices of theproducts, the place from where the customers will buy the products and the strategies ofpromotion which we are going to use in order to attract more customers and retain them for alonger period of time. Further, the target market is given which relied on the customer analysis.Then the marketing strategies are given in order to attract more customers, and the analysis isdone in order to make the strategies effective. The theory of consumer behavior is given which isbeing given by the researchers and is relevant for our analysis. Then the profit and loss budget isgiven for the website in order to generate more profit for our main objective.Introduction This section will help in understanding the various functions and benefits which we are going tooffer to our customers according to their expectations (Liberson et al., 2013).Product The products which we will be offering is Korean facial mask pack. This can be used on aregular basis and the people can use the sleeping pack and apply it on their face while sleeping.The people can remove the pack by rinsing it with water. We will also provide partial packs tothe customers who wants to focus on a particular area of his/her face. The effect of every maskpack will be different for the customers and will be very beneficial for them as the mask packswill be great for nourishing and moisturizing the skin.PriceThe cost in making of the product will be 0.17$, and the selling cost will be 0.71$. The total costof the single Korean Mask pack will be 1.00$. The customers can also get a pack of 10 mask
2packs for 8.00$ and the pack of 15 mask packs for 17.00$. The price of the Korean mask pack isnot costly as compared to other mask packs which are available in the market. The charges of thedelivery of products vary. Place We will be selling our products online by designing a Malaysia shopping website for thecustomers. The customers will be able to look all the products which we are offering and canplace an order by selecting the product and placing it in the shopping cart. The customers willalso get an option to make payment online or cash on delivery. The customers will get theproducts delivered to the address which they will give while placing an order. The customers willget the product within 3-4 days after placing the order.PromotionWe will promote our product and services with the help of social media. Moreover, we will offervarious schemes to the customers who will purchase our products like the customer who will be10 Korean mask packs will get the free delivery of the product and the customer who willpurchase our products for the first time will also get the free delivery of the products/services.Target Market The target market will help in understanding the purchasing behavior of customers and thesegmentation, targeting, and positioning was done on the basis of customer analysis which wehave performed in order to find our target market (Venkatesh et al., 2012).Segmentation The survey was conducted in order to identify that which segment of the people would like touse Korean mask pack for their skin in order to get rid of acne. The demographic segmentationhelped in identifying that the women of 18 years and above would like to use these mask packsfor their face. They want the great quality of products as they are very conscious about their skinand also have a purchasing power towards such products. We also used psychographicsegmentation in order to make women’s psychology that the beauty integrates into every step oflife. We found that women are more interested in such type of products.

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