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PESTEL Analysis of Boeing Company

Added on -2019-09-24

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1PESTEL Analysis of Boeing
2Company overview (Introduction)Boeing Company is the American MNC that manufactures designs as well as sells rotorcraft,aeroplanes, satellites, aeroplanes, missiles and equipment's of the telecommunications allacross the globe. Furthermore, the firm also provides product and leasing support services.They are also the provider of the commercial as well as the government services. Thecompany came into existence in the year 1916 on 15th July in the U.S. and the founder of thefirm is William Boeing (Pao, 2013). PESTEL analysis will be conducted for Boeing and this factor consists of the political,economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors and these are also the factorsthat cannot be controlled by a firm completely but they can take several steps in terms ofpreparing themselves for the upcoming threats.BodyPESTEL analysis The main aim of the PESTEL analysisThe main aim of the PESTEL analysis will be providing a huge amount of details about thecompany in terms of they are likely to face in the countries they will be operating (Macroenvironment forces). For instance, it can be predicted that an industry can be quite profitablewith the strong growth trajectory but it will not be good at all for the firm if it is operating inan unstable political environment.
3Political factors that will be affecting the company The political factors are said to be one of the most important element in terms of determiningthe factors by which the long-term profitability of the Boeing will be affected. There aresome of the regulatory decisions and policies that are made by the government of everycountries and it can have a direct impact on Boeing's operation. There is a sudden boom inthe aviation industry all across the globe from the last decade. It is quite evident that some ofthe countries such as India considered to be one of the largest democracies in the entire globeand so it has the most active influence of the politics in the daily operation of the mainbusinesses as well as the aviation industry is not at all an exception. However, Boeing mustremember that the recent political environment of India is quite unstable because of thecontinuous tension the country is having with Pakistan along with some other internationalevents. The unstable political environment is quite bad as it tends to cause uncertainty in theconsumers' minds. The following are certain elements that the company must take intoaccount in terms of the political factors: Political stability and the importance ofdefence/aerospace related services and products in India, level of corruption, taxation, wagelegislation and etcetera (Lawrence & Thornton, 2017). Figure 1: Overview of Boeing(Source: Denning, 2013)

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