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Research ProposalThe instant meanings behind a unique form ofart- The Pop ArtStudent[Pick the date]
1The instant meanings behind a unique form of art- The Pop ArtDuring the 1950'2, the main art that was popular in America was the ‘Abstract Expressionism.'Its style was arcane and non-figurative, and it was admired by the critics, art lovers and the otherexperienced visitors in the museum. But, the art failed to connect with the people and the public.Even many artists could not relate to the abstract paintings. This was made in very muchpainterly style, and people started feeling that it was more abstract and expressive. So, thiscreated a need and demand for the other styles of painting that could be more figurative andconsist of a much down to earth imagery. The opportunity for art was present for the widerfraternity of the artists, and they got a chance to produce something with which the viewerscould relate themselves. Thus, the Pop art emerged, and it soon became an established art stylein America.A British curator Lawrence Alloway invented the term ‘Pop art’ in 1955. He described this art asa ‘popular art’ which was in relation to a movement that was characterized by the imagery ofconsumerism and popular culture (Alloway, 1974). The art emerged in London as well as NewYork during the mid- 1950's, and until late 1960's, it became a dominant avant-garde style.Initially, the art was introduced in Great Britain that was suffering from the economic hardshipsafter the war. During late 1940,'s the artists from the independent group found some images inthe popular magazines and they started to idealize those images related to the American lifestyleas part of the critique of the British society.The leading artists that contributed to this pop art includeJasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg,Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol,Sir Peter Blake, Patrick Caulfield, Richard Hamilton, DavidHockney and Allen Jones. There were several others who contributed to this art.
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