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1SELF ANALYSIS SUMMARYIntroductionThe nutrition information available through My Fitness App has been helpful in generatingthe needed information. In order to have a healthy life, it is essential that the nutrientsupplements are taken in right order and the requisite level of macro nutrients and micronutrients forma part of daily intake. The evaluation done for a period of seven days is helpingin evaluating the consumption, pattern and the influence and impact of the foods consumed.DiscussionThe consideration of net calories consumed and the calculation done for the percentage ofmacro nutrients present in the consumption of food is significant. It can be well observed thatthe percentage of calories intake which is taking place from the protein being 30% is right ontarget (Kirby, 2016; Taylor et al., 2001). As it falls between the range, it cannot be consideredlow and as well it is not high.The percentage of carbohydrates too is significant in my diet. Considering the weight which Ihave of 160 Ibs, the 52% of the carbohydrate already present in the food consumed is a goodfactor. With respect to the Fat consumption, the data reveals that the fat is not considered upto optimum requisite levels and for this reason there are dietary changes are required in orderto keep up to the good health.
2SELF ANALYSIS SUMMARYThe fat was considerably taken less. The reason attributed is that with the greater focus oncarbohydrates in my diet, my hunger was not spiking (Kirby, 2016; Taylor et al., 2001). Therecommended level for the macro nutrient is considerably low. The risk of health problemscannot be clearly predicted. Although the data clearly reveals that my weight and lifestyle areconcern and there needs to be changes which would be needed to be done on the similarfronts. In order to be more healthy I need to introduce a healthy routine of workout andexercise (Kirby, 2016; Taylor et al., 2001). There are changes wherein the saturated fat has tobe replaced too in the diet.The assignment was informative and I did gain greater insight into my diet. With the crucialcalculations, there was an enhanced way in which the entire lifestyle alteration and thechange in diet can take place. This would result I the success and a better health. Theinformation garnered is an enriching experience.Recommendation & ConclusionThe evaluation done for the period encompassing seven days is helpful in evaluating theconsumption, pattern along with the influence. With the consideration in terms of the weight,that of 160 Ibs, the 52% of the body having the carbohydrate already present in the foodconsumed is a good factor. Even with respect to the Fat, the data reveals that the fat does notequate to the requisite levels along with the essential dietary changes that are required toupkeep the good health. In order that the healthy lifestyle is maintained, there is a need to
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