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SITXCCS007 - Enhance customer service experiences

Added on - 24 Sep 2021

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Q.1Email response
To: the general manager
This is in response to the dinner booking on Friday night. The 15 clients can be
accommodated in the function room. It can be divided into two parts so that they can occupy
one half the room. This will facilitate the two presentations to be done without interruptions
from the other clients. The hotel should avail the menus to the clients before their arrival.
Special considerations will be adhered to about the Muslim and vegan clients. The client can
order what they want, and it will be prepared before their arrival. The hotel will make
arrangements on transport to the festival using the company vans.

Q1 A. I would preferably respond to the email received on Tuesday afternoon immediately.
This will help get feedback on the client about the proposal. Enough time will be needed to
prepare for the clients by the involved stakeholders.
Q1B. Upon acceptance of my approval, other stakeholders should be notified. The chief chef
should be notified on the suggested menu. The restaurant chafer should also be advised to
make transport arrangements. The head caterer should be informed to prepare the venue and
service facilities.
Q1C. During the VIP luncheon, several things should be confirmed to ensure its success. The
venue should be ready. The requested menu should be adhered to. The chauffer should verify
on the travel arrangements made.
Q2. Email response to cocktail preferences
Organizing a cocktail party requires a lot of concentration. The choice of cosmopolitan
cocktails is appropriate for the subject clients. They fit the expected New York theme. They
are also easy to prepare and thus time conscious. All the required ingredients should be made
before the party. Mini hot dogs are also appropriate served alongside the cocktails. They
should be freshly cooked and should not go cold. This will help maintain their original flavor.
Both the canapés and cocktails should be attractively presented. Other cocktails should also
be availed apart from the international theme brand. This will be in preparation for different
preferences by other clients.
Q2A. Its best to respond to the phone message left during my off days immediately. This will
provide sufficient time for preparation. It will also prevent last minute rush. It will also help
in organizing the attendance schedule to prevent disorganizations.
About updating your café d loyalty card details, go to any of our outlets. The customer
service attends will gladly update the required information. You will be given another royalty
card with the updated information.
We are humbled to host your mother’s 90thbirthday. We suggest that we hold an outdoor
party. This will ease movement due to expected guests using wheel chairs. The recommended
time for the party is in the early afternoon. The duration will be maximum 3 hrs. Soft foods
will be served. The menu will also be health –conscious and tailored to suit different health
Kindly clarify on some issues. How many people re expected at the party? What special
medical conditions do the clients have? Will they be accompanied by other people? Is there
any suggestion on how to personalize preferences? Looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,
Outlet manager
café B
Q3A. I would preferably respond the moment I receive the email. This creates good rapport
and trust with the client. It also allows time for feedback. Preparations are also made early to
avoid rushing on the big day.
4.1 I would preferably communicate with Mr. Silver through the telephone call. It’s fast and
efficient. It will also enhance getting feedback and coming into agreement with the
complainant. It also shows urgency and enthusiasm to correct the situation at hand.
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