1. The European favour which type of optical fibre for

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1. The European favour which type of optical fibre for LANS1.9/125m2.62.5/125m3.50/125m4.50/12.5m2. RS 232 uses :-1.Two wires for transmit and two wires for receive2.One wire for transmit and one wire for receive3.Two pair for transmit and two pairs for receive4.None of the above3. MAC addresses are made up of1.3 bytes dedicated to the manufacture + 3 bytes by the manufacturers2.<Network><Host>3.<country><area code><Local code>4.4 bytes in BCD4. Ethernet is defined by the IEEE 802. Committee as1.802.42.802.53.802.34.802.115. The data Link layer is subdivided into1.Network and host sub layers2.MAC and LLC3.Phyical and Network Layers4.None of the above6. Category 5e cabling is a specific example of ________________ cabling, (e.g. fibreoptic, STP, or UTP).Revision QuestionsLab 22Example Multi-Choice Questions
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