Negotiating the Future of Hinchcliff Hospital


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1) The main interest in this negotiation process is to continue all the facilities of Hinchcliff
Hospital without any disruption. If the accident and emergency department shut down, people
of this locality will have to face bitter consequences. We should not consider the performance
of the Hospital on the basis of profit and loss, rather than we should consider it as a welfare
hub. As, the Hinchcliff hospital is the main medical center for the locality, so the key interest
of the negotiation group is to make it run full-fledgedly, including the accident and
emergency department open.
2) My negotiating partner's basic interest is to close those departments of the Hospital, which
are running on loss and utilize the funds in the right direction for other purposes. As the
numbers of trained medical practitioners are very less and funds are not enough, so my
negotiating partner wants to close the accident and emergency department. While closing the
emergency department, my negotiating partner wants more to concentrate on aged people
healthcare, as the number of aged people of our locality is increasing. She also promised to
provide transportation for critically ill patients of the locality, so that they can get better
treatment in the nearby city.
3) I sincerely want to focus on the negotiation space with my partner and ask her not to close
the accident and emergency department totally. Instead of being open for 24 hours in a day,
the emergency department can be open for a certain period of time. With that, my negotiating
partner should spend the fund on building a new community health center, instead of
concentrating on aged people care.
4) To meet the key interests of both of the parties, we need to re-evaluate our conditions and
look for alternatives. As an example, HHAG may let the head of the Local Health District to
continue his work, and may not demand any replacement. The Hospital authority can
approach local general medical practitioners to know whether they could be able to provide
their extra time for the Hospital or not. Both of the parties should work jointly so that the
Hospital can function within limited funding and accommodation. They can also request local
citizens to make contributions to the development of the Hospital.
5) Among numerous possible actions, the one must criteria which is most important to me is
that, by any means, the Hospital should continue to provide basic medical facilities to the
patients, including accident and emergency care. For critical cases, the Hospital should
arrange a good transport facility so that patients can be taken to the nearby city for better
6) Few possible difficulties might emerge in this negotiation. There may be a lack of funding
and lack of skilled medical staff. The hospital authority may not want to provide better
transportation for patients.
In order to 'separate the people from the problem', we need to convince them to understand
our point of view and make them agree with our justification.
7) As per my BATNA, let's keep the accident and emergency department open while
reducing its timing and budget, and try to accelerate earning by providing better treatment
and adding other facilities.
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