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Roles and Performance of Board of Directors in Stevenson Industries

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The board of directors in Stevenson industry establishes vision, mission, and values, determines policies, sets strategies, and monitors criteria. They are responsible for communicating with senior management and acting in place of stakeholders. In the situation of leadership goals, the board members performed well by emphasizing the important requirements of the industry and approving the need for an aggressive leader to improve financial performance.
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1. What are the roles of the board of directors in Stevenson Industries?The roles of the board of directors in Stevenson industry are to establish vision, mission and values for the industry. They plan up and pace for the development of industry in future as well as the current position. They determine and review the goals of the company. They are responsible for determining the policies of the company. They set the strategies for the future targets and amendments. They monitor the criteria so as to be used by the board members. They are responsible for communicating with the senior management. They are known to act in place of stakeholders, they are responsible for the current affairs of the business. Their vision is to achieve an average annual return to the stakeholder. They are the one who plans to exceed the annual sales. They try to become the supplier for low cost by reducing the operating expenses. They strategies to plan operating expenses. They are the members who are responsible for the developmental growth of the business. They all do this by developing their product, handling licensing and marketing agreements and many other joint ventures. They spend a long time on the management and also the query's among the other board members are directed. They also built product division. Acquisition, sales and direct investment assets are also handled by the board of directors. Board members strategies for domestic marketing and international marketing. Strengths, threats and future opportunities and goals are all planned and executed by them. They monitor and evaluate appropriate information for the industry. 2. How well has the Stevenson board of directors performed in this situation?The board of directors of Stevenson industry conducted a debate so as to correctify the current situation related to leadership goals. The Stevenson’s industry was not getting positive feedback from their owners. They focused on making the very much right products to meet the customers need. They focused on technology and right customer service; the industry just needed
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