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Aspects of the Health and Social Care at Workplace

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AssignmentProgramme: Higher National Diploma in Health and SocialCare Unit Title: Health and Safety in the HSC Workplace Lecturer: Mr D Waite QCF Level: 4 Unit Number: 3 Credit value: 15 Assignment Starts: 17th October 2016 Date for Completion: w/c 12th December 2016
- 2 - Aims:This assignment will develop your understanding of your workresponsibilities in ensuring the health and safety aspects of thehealth and social care workplace and the people within it. It willenable you to know that health and safety is an essentialconsideration for all practitioners in health and social care and alsohelp you to develop your understanding of the importance ofcontinually monitoring the implementation of health and safetylegislation and policies within any health and social care setting. Learning outcomes: To achieve this Unit, you must demonstrate your ability to: 1.Understand how health and safety legislation is implementedin the health and social care workplace (LO1) 2.Understand the ways in which health and safety requirementsimpact on customers and the work of practitioners in thehealth and social care workplace (LO2) 3.Understand the monitoring and review of health and safety inthe health and social care workplace. (LO3) Indicative Content: The City College HND in HSC – Health & Safety in the HSC Workplace – September 2016
- 3 - By the time you have completed this assignment; you should haveexplored and thought about in depth: Learning Outcome 1Concept of risk e.g. safety and security i.e. minimum risk, zero risk;risk for individuals and property; public liability; hazard; accidentprevention and first aid. Systems, policies and procedures forcommunicating information e.g. training; organisational culture; useof different media and record keeping. Responsibilities formanagement of health andsafety e.g. organisational responsibilitiesi.e. employers, employees, external agencies, carers and visitorsinclude users of service; auditing; inspecting the workplace;management structure and representation. Legislative requirementsi.e. current legislation, regulations and codes of practice relevant tohealth and safety in health and social care setting e.g. health andsafety at work act 1974, health and safety (First Aid) regulations1981, management of health and safety regulations 1999 andReporting of injuries, Diseases and Dangerous OccurrencesRegulations 1995. Implementation i.e. safety aids e.g. walking aid,wheelchair, hoist; security systems e.g. door locks, cameras, alarms,patrol and gates. Maintenance e.g. ventilation, temperature control,buildings; and consequences of malfunction/breakdown ofequipment. Learning Outcome 2Care planning i.e. meeting needs; ensuring safety; security;maximising wellbeing; principles of good practice. Dilemmas i.e.risk-benefit analysis; risk to self and others; resource implications;and differing priorities between stakeholders. Implications of non-compliance e.g. financial, legal, moral, physical and health. Learning Outcome 3Monitor and review e.g. audit of risks; review of practice; learningfrom experience; updating of policies and procedures. Positivehealth andsafety culture e.g. individuals, teams, managers andorganisational levels. Own contributions e.g. responsibilities;compliance; training; practices; interactions with individuals; andgroups and agencies. Outline of assignment The main focus of this assignment is on health and safety issueswithin your own organisation. This is for Tasks 1 and 3. In Task 2,you focus on a real health and safety issue which resulted in theThe City College HND in HSC – Health & Safety in the HSC Workplace – September 2016
- 4 - death of a service user. Basic information about the incident isattached and you will find additional information on the Internet. In addition, there will be one practical activity linked to theassignment. You will be required to carry out a risk assessment ofall the kitchen-related areas within City College using the officialdocumentation provided by the Health & Safety Executive. Thisactivity will take place during class time and the date will be givento you by your tutor in advance. This is an essential element in yourHealth & Safety course unit so it is essential that you attend. Task 1 – (L01):You must respond to the three sections of Task 1 from the point ofview of your own involvement in health and social care and yourown workplace. In each section, it is essential that you givepractical examples to support your points. a)Review the way in which, in your own workplace, the systems,policies and procedures for communicating information onhealth and safety complywithlegislation.(LO1.1) Note: ‘Review’ means more than just ‘describe’ or ‘explain’ itmeans that you carry out an assessment with the intent ofmaking changes if they are needed b)Again for your own workplace, assess responsibilities for themanagement of health and safety at each level within theorganisation’s structure. A diagram would be a helpfuladdition here. (LO1.2) c)Give examples to show how, in your own work activities, youanalyse and give priorities to, specific aspects of health andsafety. You should also thinkaboutconflictingpriorities.(LO1.3) Task 2 –LO2The City College HND in HSC – Health & Safety in the HSC Workplace – September 2016

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