10 Amazing Animals With Real Superpowers.

Added on - 03 Aug 2021

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10 Amazing Animals With Real Superpowers

Script by; m_alishahYellow line tells about when anchor should be present on screen.
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like and subscribe right now or you're going to have terrible luck for the next week we all wish we had
superpowers but sometimes this isn't possible however humans can train themselves tohave some
extraordinary abilitiesbut there are limits this video is not to celebrate human superpowers but actually
animals while it is rare to find humans with incredible powers there are various animals with excellent
abilities you don't even know from the bombardier beetle to mantis shrimp we look at 10 amazing animals
with real superpowers.
10; mantis shrimpIt is the typical animal that we can describe as small yet mighty they are
beautiful on the outside and colorful however it is not the outer beauty that merits them a spot on this
list this little champ is loaded with a powerful spring-loaded arm capable of delivering a punch almost
with the same force as a 22 caliber bullet despite its size this animal is known to kill predators larger
than themselves even including crabs no animal or maybe only a few animals can survive a punch
from the man to shrimp crabs are known to have armors that help them withstand the worse
environmental conditions and protect them from predators with the mantis shrimp the crab and other
animals in the forest aren't even safe even an octopus with its numerous limbs are unable to survive
a punch from this animal as if the superpower punches were not enough this animal sees every
single color including ultraviolet this is made possible because they have 16 color receptive cones
far above humans with only three.
9; Mimic Octopusas the name goes the mimic octopus is gifted with the ability to mimic other animals accurately you'd be
shocked at their disguise name this is one you may not have heard so first this animal only grows to about
two feet which means it is small however what they do not have in size they make up with their skills the
mimic octopus can manipulate its color size appearance and mannerisms depending on the animal they
mimic how does this animal catch its prey first it scans the environment for likely prey after it sees one it
disguises itself as an eligible suitor curiously waiting for the bride the target doesn't see the camouflaged
animal as a foe but a friend when it gets close the mimic octopus pounces on the unfortunate prey to
scare predators they also pose as poisonous animals like sea snakes and lionfish when this disguise
prank seems to not be working they do not waste time to run for their lives they use their mimicking skills
to kill and hide this is perfect if you ask me
8;dragon millipedesbugs are creepy creatures that can attack you while you're sleeping they may be feeding on you for
weeks before you realize it their bites leave allergic reactions on your skin and are difficult to get rid of
dragon millipedes are as creepy as bugs in fact bugs do not match up to their
level of mischief you will be biased in your judgment of this creature if you look at their physical
appearance they are stylish animals with their signature hot pink color what makes them stand out the
most is that they smell nice shouldn't you just love them well not yet while they might smell like almonds
they are also an indicator of one of the most dangerous poisons known to man hydrogen cyanide that is it
takes only one touch from the dragon millipede and a human being could drop dead in a few seconds
since they are mostly found in Thailand china vietnam and myanmar you may want to exercise caution
whenever you're in the country look out for this colorful yet deadly pink dragon millipede.
7; salmonsalmon is a rich source of vitamin b omega-3 fatty acids antioxidants and a host of other nutrients
however there's more to this fish than meets the eye to understand how they use their superpowers it is
fair to have a peep at their life cycle these animals are born in rivers but as they grow they migrate into
the sea which is a more extensive habitat when it's time to lay eggs they find their way back to their initial
home this cycle is an age long one and in thousands of years to come it won't change you're wondering
how they're able to navigate through large water bodies and still find their way home right some animals
can't return to the same spot after a long while but it's a walk in the park for the salmon scientists say that
the salmon can sense the sea's magnetic field and use this clue to get back home this magnetic field
helps them detect the river's exact location and memorize it to make returning home easier this skill is
described as a geomagnetic compass
6. trap jaw antsants are among the most elusive
creatures on earth the trap jaw ant has
gigantic mandibles that help them attack
unsuspecting prey within a few seconds
the term trap jaw ant refers to over 100
different species of ants
as their name suggests these ants have a
specialized set of jaws
that differentiates them from regular
ants their mandibles close at 126 to 230
kilometers per hour which is a force to
reckon with in the jungle
so you're wondering the power these jaws
wield well these jaws are not for biting
and sucking only
they are used to launch these animals
across distances by jumping
try to close your jaw by force and see
if the axe shakes your body
i guess nothing happened when this
animal forcefully closes its jaws
the body moves some feet back this
creature can control this movement by
knowing when to open and close its jaws
with their jaws they jump distances of
up to 15 inches away
the jaw is also used for cutting food
and tending to their larvae
these advanced jaws can do practically
5; platypusscientists thought of platypus as a hoax
because it was unimaginable to believe
that a mammal could lay eggs and have a
webbed foot
indeed this animal is strange and it is
understandable when people call it a
only a few animals beat this one in
terms of their incredible abilities
the male counterparts have ankle spurs
that emit poison effective enough to
kill dogs and inflict excruciating pain
on humans
this isn't where their superpowers end
though they also have electroreception
otherwise known as the sixth sense
this means that they can sense
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