Annotated Bibliography on Marketing and Business Performance


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Marketing and business performance by Neil A. MorganIn this article, the role of the marketing in a company’s performance and market share has beenanalyzed form the strategic marketing standpoint that has been used to identify the variousfactors affecting the company performance. The research focuses on the limitations of theexistent concepts of strategic marketing that use the structure-conduct-performance (SCP)paradigm to explain the role of the marketing in competitive advantage and market share. Themain argument, however, is not about the strategic analysis of the firm’s performance but tounderstand how the firms’ capabilities affect their completive performance that is reflected inmarket shares. The author has aligned the firm’s use of the resources to develop competenciesthat in turn affect the performance by using the “dynamic capabilities” theoretical framework(Vorhies & Morgan, 2005). Therefore, while the article addressed the various marketing functionthat affects the performance of the company it relates the concepts of marketing that transcendthe limitations imposed by the strategic marketing theory.Improving customer-focused marketing capabilities and firm financial performance viamarketing exploration and exploitation by Douglas W. Vorhies & Linda M. Orr & VictoriaD. BushThe article concentrates on the fact that marketing capabilities delineate the firms’ performanceand conducts their exploration in the embodying of the market knowledge in the company toincrease the performance of the firm. Therefore, the strength and limitations of the variouspractices of the firms are used in the research to understand the role the practices have inimproving firm performance by understanding the customer needs. However, the limitations ofthe customer-focused market research have been done in the development of the limit of marketexploration and exploitation to leverage the information in a balanced way to not negativelyaffect the company image. Therefore, for the researcher to understand the way to best use theknowledge in the business strategies to affect the market share and financial capabilities in apositive manner has been explored the customer-focused marketing’s strengths and limitation((Ray, Barney & Muhanna, 2004).Resource-based theory in marketing by Irina V. Kochetkova & Stephen A. Samaha &Robert W. Palmatier2

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