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Efficiency and Effectiveness of Recruitment Process for Cadet Pilots in Emirates Airlines

Added on -2019-09-22

This chapter analyzes and interprets the data collected through a questionnaire to examine the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment process for cadet pilots in Emirates Airlines. The study had 30 participants who were required to fill the questionnaire and give ratings on a 6-point scale. The recruitment process was analyzed based on the processes present in the airlines, and data analysis was done using bar graphs and pie charts. The study found that over 70% of the participants were satisfied with the recruitment process. The chapter provides detailed information on the efficiency of various stages of the recruitment process, including online application, numeracy and physics tests, pre-screening medical test, psychometric test, interview, and TOEFL test.
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1Data Interpretation and AnalysisIn this chapter, analysis and interpretation of the data collected through the questionnaire will bedone. The objective of the research was to examine the efficiency and effectiveness of therecruitment process regarding the cadet pilots in the Emirates Airlines. 30 cadets of the EmirateAirlines were the participants in the survey. They were required to fill the questionnaire andgiven rating on a 6 point scale ranging from 6 (Very effective) to 1 (Very poor). Questionnairewas designed to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the recruitment process of the cadetsin terms of duration of time, clear instructions, speedy reply and other thing that are quite goodin the air lines. Recruitment process of the cadets in the Emirates Airlines was analyzed on the basis processesthat are present in the airlines and tried to gather information by survey method, what does thecadets have to say about the process of the Airlines such as numerical tests, medical tests,psychometric tests and interview. Data analysis have been done with the help of Bar Graphs andPie charts, which represents the effectiveness of the recruitment process of the Emirate Airlines.
21. Demographics of the participant CadetsGenderNumberMale16Female14Total30Table 4.1: Demographic Distribution of the Participants53%47%DemographicsMalesFemalesFigure 4.1 Demographic Distribution of the ParticipantsIt have been found that above 70% people are satisfied with the recruitment process. The study almost had equal balance of 53% males and 47% females, as given in the table below.
32. Online ApplicationParametersOnline ApplicationTime to complete20Clear briefing 50Speed of reply from EK30Table 4.2: Efficiency of Online ApplicationTime to completeClear briefing Speed of reply from EK0102030405060Online ApplicationOnline ApplicationFigure 4.2: Efficiency of Online ApplicationIt is clear from the above graph that, most of the cadets are satisfied by the briefing instructions provides during the recruitment process, completion time of online application is not very fast, same is the response for speed of reply. 3. Numeracy and Physics

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