Humanitarian Intervention Essay

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1Human RightsNameSchoolProfessorSchoolCityDate
2IntroductionOver the past decade it has witnessed a resurgence of the interest in the regulation, and politics ofthe military, particularly whenever undertaken for which was acknowledged to be thehumanitarian functions. Nevertheless, the issue of when, or previously, outside the parties couldpossibly be legitimately intercede in the sovereign state to address on the massive suffering ofthe state populace, that is definitely contentions ones.1The humanitarian rationale for theutilization of the force that dates going back to the outset of modern state system has continuedto come across the resistance, regardless of the apparent appeal. This seminar explores thepossibility of the humanitarian intervention as the frame-work for the human security. The paperwill certainly objectify the humanitarian intervention that is the element which will make thehuman security autonomous and will not standalone nor entirely independent from theconventional security.2There have been numerous literatures which confuses the two terms asthe synonymous with one another, in which others differentiate them explicitly. Consequently,the essay will certainly address on the ambiguity of each of the conceptions in addition to discussthe humanitarian intervention significantly less diverse concept from the information security butinstead claims that it could be part and parcel of it, and a potential frame-work to be able toexplain the paradigm of the human security autonomous to the non-traditional security.This involvement desires for the sound, simple and clear element with regards to the humanintervention and concerns which are in the middle way for both human security and the non-traditional security with regards to meeting the tangency point. This really is a re-conceptualizedmodel of the human rights.1Christian, Tomuschat and Christian,Human rights: between idealism and realism(OUP Oxford, 2014).2Michael, Goodhart,Human rights: politics and practice(Oxford University Press, 2016).
3Problem formulationThe essay aims to discuss the ambiguity of the conceptions and address the human interventionespecially on the aspects to the human security.3There will be a feasible frame-work which candescribe the paradigm of the human security autonomous to the non-traditional security. Thiscontribution may also address the unambiguous interpretation of the human security particularlyto evolving field of the security particularly in the sub-discipline of the international relations.Purpose and hypothetical questionsThe hypothetical question to highlight is why there is certainly a necessity to separate the humansecurity from the non-traditional security? Within this inquiry there is should consider the aim ofthe seminar paper as stated before, consequently the question need to fit to the construction ofthe essay.4The proponent may want to emphasize there is not necessary of separating the humansecurity from the non-traditional security since the second hypothesis look at the middle way forthe ideas that are conceived. The related literatures have confused on the autonomous of thesecurity from the conception and the increased in the ambiguity that has directed the scholars aswell as the practioners in formulating their own interpretations when it comes to the humansecurity and the non-traditional security.MethodsThis essay will use case study and text analysis in the collecting of the information. One of thecase study which will be used is the Kosovo case study which will focus on the study on the USgovernment perspective in regards to the humanitarian intervention. This example is interesting3Jack, Donnelly,Universal human rights in theory and practice(Cornell University Press, 2013).4Thomas, Weiss, Thomas,Humanitarian intervention(John Wiley & Sons, 2016).
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