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1MAGNETIC EFFECT ON AN ELECTRIC CURRENTBy NameCourseInstructorInstitutionLocationDate
2IntroductionHans Oersted a physic professor discovered that all the conductors that do carry currents has amagnetic field around it in the year 1820, this discovery has shade more light on the on theorigination of magnetic field from a flow of charges.Hans Oersted through his experiment detected that if he allowed electric current to pass througha conductor near a spontaneously compass needle that is suspended, then the compass will beobserve to deflect, in the same point if the current is allowed through a conductor that can easilybe moved and placed close to the bar magnet, then the conductor will experience a force that is ata right angle to the conductor.If we take the magnetic field direction to be the direction of the force on the north pole of acompass needle, Oersted observed that the magnetic field is in the form of concentric circles thatsurrounds the current.The exploration of magnetic effect on an electric current has led to more discoveries ofnumerous electronic devices that are used in daily day to day operation by mankind.This paper will address on the production of magnetic fields by the flow of electric current andits application.It is always noted that when two magnets are taken close to each other they will either attracteach other or repel each other as per the respective orientation, similarly if you place a barmagnet on a piece of paper, the iron filling get attracted and scatter around the magnet instructure line magnetic field that is surrounding an electric dipole.
3Definition of magnetic fieldIs the region or space where magnetic influence is felt around a magnet (Roger, 196, 7-8).Generation of magnetic field from Higgs field equilibrationThe first definition of the electromagnetic field in the presence of non-trival Higgs backgroundwas given by t’Hooft where he introduced magnetic monopoles in a SO(3) Georgi-Glashowmodel.The definition was presented asFrom the above presentation GaμWaμ-Wa, where(aare the Pauli matrices) represents a unit isovector that defines the "direction" of the Higgsfield in theSO(3) isospace (this coincides withSU(2)) and (Dμ)a=μa+gabcWμbc.WhereWμbare the gauge fields components in the adjoint representation. In other models, likethe one being considered by t'Hooft, a topological obstruction will prevent this kind of operationto be possible everywhere. In this case singular points (monopoles) or lines (strings) wherea=0 appear, which become the source of magnetic fields. t'Hooft result provides an existence proofof magnetic fields produced by non-trivial vacuum configurations.A general definition for the Weinberg-Salam model was given by Vachaspati which statesDμ=μ-i[(g) / 2]aWμa-i[(g') / 2]Yμ.From this expression Vachaspati to argued that magnetic fields will be produced during theEWPT.The contribution to the electromagnetic field produced by gradients ofacan be readilydetermined by writing the Maxwell equations in the presence of an inhomogeneous Higgsbackground
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