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Sustainability Report For Timberwell Constructions

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1Timberwell Constructions Sustainability Report Particulars Page no. Introduction 2-3Sustainability Reporting1.Economic Sustainability 3-42.Environmental Sustainability 4-53.Social Sustainability 5-7Conclusion 8-9Reference 9Introduction
2Timberwell Constructions is one of the reputed Real Estate organization that is engaged inbuilding apartments in Stanwell Council District. It is a small scale business that operates with58 male personnel for its different construction related operations. Due to competitivemarketing environment in that region, Timberwell is facing workforce trouble as they needmore employees (at least 12 apprentices) for carrying out the business successfully and to coverup those 17 employees who recently left for joining in rivalry firm or to start their own venturein this field. Scenario-The organization is facing troubles on different grounds like Workplace harassment,misuse of market power, manipulated dealings, unfair industrial practices, corruption,environmental damage, window dressing and many other major and minor allegations. Thecompany is now struggling in business and they need to recover from it.Purpose of the report- The purpose of this report is to prepare a Sustainability Report forTimberwell Constructions under GRI standard guidelines to cover the various aspects of theallegation lodged and pointed at organization to find to what extend the organization hasviolated standards and what should be the corrective actions for these. GRI Standards- Global Reporting Initiative is an independent organization that provides theguidelines and norms prescribed for economic sustainability, environmental sustainability andsocial sustainability. The purpose of this organization to bring up humanity in global communityand build an environment where there is equal opportunity for everyone in matters ofeconomy, environment and society. GRI standards are the first common standards followed forsustainability reporting. The standard is a modular and inter-related structure represents rangeof economic, social and environmental impacts. [Kolk, A. (2003).]Management Approach of Timberwell- From the case study, it is clear that workforce were nothappy with the treatment of management which is why almost 1/3 of workforce leftorganization and huge vacancy arose. The company tried to cover it up with increase incompensation and changing roaster plan with day off system. From the case study, it seemsthat there were no fair management system which led the organization to follow up theallegation with penalty or suspension. Though in media release it has been claiming to be
3environmentally and socially sustainable but people have already made negative impression ontheir mind. Sustainability Assessment Sustainability reporting is a broader assessment report of an organization which not onlyincludes economic performance but also environmental, social and corporate governanceperformance. It is not meant for collecting data and reporting it to the concerned authorityrather it is the method to contribute in sustainability development. The following Sustainabilityreporting is done for Timberwell Construction. In this report, we have taken economic, socialand environmental sustainability performance as per the data available. Economic Sustainability Disclosure 201-2 Financial Implications and other risks opportunity due to climate change Timberwell has good number of opportunity in Stanwell Council region as the organizationhas got the opportunity to develop Otford Park site where there is already existence of rarecategory wallum sedge frog so that proper residential complexes can be built. Timberwell may have to incur a rehabilitation cost of $440000 against the review of itsvegetation management program. Its external town planning with the support of Stanwell council may cost the organizationaround $50000 for the service offered in development planning. Overall the organization needs to incur expenses in their development planning which aremostly capital expenditure in total (at least 440000+50000= $490000) There may be moreoperational expenditure in case of bio-diversity and ecology rules in future date which can bepredicted rightly after environmental audit. The demand for the residential houses in flora andfauna and vegetation area is decreasing day by day to balance the environment and biodiversity. So in future, it will bring reduction in business. Even the suppliers and contractorshave withdrawn in the future development plans for Timeberwell. [O'Dwyer, B.,et.al2005]Disclosure 205-3- Confirmed incidents of corruption and actions taken

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