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Integrated Functions of Sales and Marketing- Research

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Running head- Understanding the Integrated Functions of Sales and MarketingUnderstanding theIntegrated functions ofSales and Marketing
1Understanding the Integrated Functions of Sales and MarketingMarketing ResearchMarketing research is a set of processes to gather relevant information regarding the market trends, taste, and preference of customers, opportunities, and the problem associated with the particular market. It also links customers and producers to the marketers through the gathered information that is used to identify opportunities and threats of the market (Babin et al., 2015). There are two major types of research. First one is primary marketing research and the second one is secondary marketing research. There is a significant difference between these two. The primary research is done by self, or the company hired, but the secondary research is done by someone else. In the primary research, the data is collected through surveys, interviews, experiments, observation while in the secondary research the data is collected through observing the existing data. Both the research could be either qualitative or quantitative. The major difference between these two is that primary research is specific to the needs and the quality of data can be controlled while the data extracted from secondary research is weak or cheap and notspecific to the needs (Babin et al., 2015). Source of Marketing Research Information There are two major sources of marketing research information available for the organization. First one is the internal source and the second one is an external source. The internal source includes various reports generated by the organization itself such as the report of a salesman, reports of expenditure such as transportation cost, advertisement cost, etc.The external source includes primary data that is collected by the researchers through interviews,questionnaire, observations, and experiments and secondary data which is collected by the existing information. The sources available for the secondary data are periodicals, journals,
2Understanding the Integrated Functions of Sales and Marketingnewspapers, government reports, and publication published a survey of markets, reports of international agencies (Hair et al., 2014). Different ways of presenting qualitative and quantitative informationThere are various ways of presenting qualitative and quantitative information. To present qualitative information we can use the following ways; bar chart, pie chart, pictogram, map diagram and to present quantitative information we can use the histogram, frequency curve, line chart, frequency polygon, normal distribution curve, cumulative distribution curve, scatter diagram (Creswell et al., 2017). Tools to analyze sales-related informationThere are various tools that can be used to analyze sales-related information. Whisker Plot and Box- it is used to analyze and display various sets of variation data on a single graph (Pendell et al., 2016).Control Chart- this tool is used to study about the changes of a process over time. Histogram- it is used to show frequency distribution or how each different value in a set of information occurs. Scatter diagram- this tool is used to analyze the relationship between two variables. Stratification- it is used to separates information gathered from various sources to see the pattern of data. There are various other sources such as the design of experiments, check sheet, survey, etc.
3Understanding the Integrated Functions of Sales and MarketingSales Information of Toyota Innova Crysta MonthsNumber of cars soldDecember 20166552January 20165013February 20166054March 20167252April 20166589May 20165643June 20161068July 20169369August 20165963September 20166323October 20166455November 2016NAInterpretation- Toyota Innova Crysta has registered high sales rate in the last 12 month. Althoughthere is little bit fluctuation in the sales rate throughout the months in June 2016, the sales rate was lowest, and only 1068 cars had been sold in that month. But in the next month that is July 2016 it registered highest sales rate and sold 9369 cars in that particular month. The sales rate of Toyota Innova Crysta is almost constant if we talk about average sales rate. Analysis of suitability, validity, relevance, and reliability of market information;

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