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Running head: ENGAGING WITH POLITICSEngaging with politicsName of the Student Name of the University Author note
1ENGAGING WITH POLITICSAnswer to question 1:In the contemporary political scenario, hijab is an issue which made many liberals anddemocrats to name it something that needs to be banned. There are many debates regardingthe ban on burqa and hijab, not only in Australia, but also all around the world. This has alsohappened as ban on hijab or burqa has a great part to play in the political scenario as well.However, ban on such religious identities will only bring division amongst the population(Heydon, 2003). There are several members in the Australian government who have played ahuge part in the ban of hijab in the schools and colleges. This is a subject that has botheredthe Australian Muslim woman for more than a decade. There have been several calls forbanning the hijab in schools and colleges, however, it has entirely been ignored that banningthis religious entity would create more rage in the population. Most of the times, hijab hasbeen viewed as a symbol of being oppressed and vulnerable, however it is not necessarily asexactly as it has been portrayed. For Muslim women, it is a symbol of privacy and modesty(Singh, Heimans & Glasswell, 2014). The hijab has also been called as the attire which canbe a threat for the Australian national security as well. Therefore banning of hijab and burqaplays a great part in the contemporary Australian politics. Answer to question 2:For researching this issue, I had used most of the academic sources along with theblogs, websites and contemporary rules and legislations by the Australian government.Firstly, I took a thorough reading on the recent concern against the burqa and hijab in theschools and colleges in Queensland, not only in media and social media, but also it hasconcerned the members of the Australian federation. After a thorough research, I had alsotaken the content in the blogs and websites into consideration as these have a significant partto play in expressing the views of the common man. From these sources, I got to know that
2ENGAGING WITH POLITICSthe general Muslim population in Australia is not interested in banning their religiousidentities. This had interest me in reading more literatures regarding the ban all around theworld. After I read few literatures, I had also consulted with few of my classmates who areMuslim and happily wear their hijab and they do not feel oppressed. This data has made memore interested in this topic. Answer to question 3:There are three major levels of Australian government, local, state and federal(Dowding & Martin, 2017). The state and federal governments have been established underthe Australian Constitution. The local government of Australia is mostly the grass rootgovernment which is generally concerned with the household matters and the daily affairs. Atthe local level the primary decision making body is the council and the public representativesare elected to the council and their head is called Mayor. Every Australian state and territoryhas their own government and they also have their own constitution. Under the constitution,all states are accountable for all the places which are not under the federal responsibilities(Schaap, 2016). The state government also gets the necessary money for carrying out theirprograms from the federal government. The highest level of the Australian government is thefederal government which can make the laws. In addition to that the defense force,employment, telecommunication, immigration, import-export, taxes come under theresponsibility of the federal government. For this purpose I would want to target the federalgovernment because that is the highest level. The federal government has the right to make oramend any law; therefore I would try to convince the federal government so that they do notforce the Muslim women from performing their religion.

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