1.1 Background.

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1.1.1 BackgroundDasin Holdings Pte. Ltd. is one of the largest shipping transportation companies,which is based in Singapore. The firm is mainly famous for their ability to transportlarger volume cargo shopping. The core operational areas of the company includesupply and logistics chain. This is done with the help of large sized cargo vehiclesthat can be transported for long distances. The transportation industry has to expandrapidly in order to meet up with the growing demand of the consumer products withinthe global market. They also form a major part of the international trade that isbelieved to be the backbone for all forms of globalized business. Nearly 55,000cargo ships operate within the current shipping and transportation industry. Theseare represented across 150 countries with total staff members of about 1.5 millionworkers. It is also estimated that nearly 20 million shipping containers aretransported all across the oceans every year (Lunet al.2015).As the demand of the shipping and transportation industry is going up, there issudden surge in the needs of skilled workers. Nevertheless, the major issues thatare encountered in the given context include that of health issues of the workers.Due to the hectic nature of work style and long distanced travelling, it is highlychallenging for the shipping crew to maintain a healthy life style. The industry hastherefore witnessed high levels of employee leaving the job. This has thereforeraised the issue of low employee retention. The shipping industry and the cargos arebelieved to constitute of 90% of all trade movements. Nevertheless, in the context ofSingapore the transportation and logistics industry is believed to encounter majorissues due to the ineffective Human resource policies. Yang and Wong (2016), havementioned that due to the diverse nature of the working demand, it is essential torenew the job profile within the shipping industry. This can help to ensure that
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