MGT540 Management of Change Assignment

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Resistance to ChangeG. Rama krishnaMGT536
211603581Resistance to ChangeMGT 540Introduction:-The following essay is to illustrate Why is resistance to change frequentlydemonized as a problem that must be managed and also to analyze What are the ethicalimplications of this and how else can resistance be understood by taking my own organizationas an example and also to tell the ethical implications followed by the managers and theresistors in the company during the organisational change process.Body:-Organizational change is all about reviewing and modifying management structures andbusiness processes in detail. A very Small businesses must adapt to survive against biggercompetitors in the field and grow. However, success should not lead to complacency. To stay astep ahead of the competition in the market , companies need to look for ways to do thingsmore efficiently and cost effectively. There is no need to fear change. Instead, small businessesshould embrace change as a way to lay the foundations for enduring success.The major reasonsin any organization or the company where resistance for change is considered as threat whichshould be managed because resistance in the change in the employees in many organizationsleads to reduction of the expected output in the company and also quits and transfers in thejobs and also many threats though it is important for an organization for changes in it totransform to a better way.Now let us take a well known phenomenon of an organization which I was working for manyyears known asTAXIS VS UBERand let us consider these factors among them and find theethical implications of this and how else can resistance be understood. In all over cities in theworld there is a cold war going on many taxi companies and another ride sharing companyknown as uber which was recently introduced which are widely used from all the cities likeSingapore, Sydney, Bangkok etc. because it is a mobile application and does not consume muchTimUber's pricesarecheaper than those of normal taxis and change according to supply anddemand. But that is not why Uber is successful. It is succeeding because it is responding tocustomers' needs and offering a unique and innovative experience.While taxi companies are defending uber became more powerful and innovative than them,
311603581Resistance to ChangeMGT 540Ubers prices and fares are very cheaper compared to many taxi companies’ charges.It is announced recently that uber is soon launching trips in helicopters with reasonable chargesInvestors has declared that company has an estimated value of $17bn (£21bn, €28bn) after amassive influx of funds by the end of the June which is the new revolution and visionarystrategy in the transport business.Taxi companies which instead of adopting same changes made by uber producing and thinkingnewer strategies and innovations for their development and existence.Some also introduced strategic ideas such as electronic payment solutions, but let's believe thatis just a first step toward more meaningful change.Like these taxi companies, many other businesses in other areas are adapting to new challengestoo slowly.They won’t look the change among them and think that their success is guaranteed due to theirwell established position in their industries. It is comfortable and reassuring in the short term,but hazardous in the long term. If they refuse to be innovating, they will quickly fall below.This resistance in change has many drawbacks in the Taxi companies such as resistance inchange will show many negative effects on the workers and employees in the company such aslack in the morality etc. Now let us consider those factors which are affecting the taxi driverscompanies a lot.Lower MoraleWhenthe taxi drivers company resist the change in their company then many ofthe workers in the company thinks optimistic regarding their future in the company and thesemay promote lack of communications between the workers and work morale and also disturbsthe recruiting process in the company Clashes between the workers in the company may alsooccur.Lessened EfficiencyWhen all the workers in the taxi drivers company are working to resist thechange occurred in the company then automatically their concentration on the work efficiency
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