11801 Beachwood Street Apt #A. Princess Anne, USA.

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11801 Beachwood Street Apt #APrincess Anne, USAMD 21853/410-693-6759Email ID-xyz@umes.eduDear Ms.My name is XYZ,a competent professional with nearly 4 years of widespread cross-culturalexperience in Cashier, Sales, Business Research, Client servicing & customer servicing. I did mygraduation in the field of computer science from the University of Maryland. I have a wideexperience professionally in the field of the to design, develop, implement and test bothcomputer based hardware and software along with smoothly handling of the computerequipment. I am having around 2 years of professional experience. In my last assignment, Iworked in Roses Stores as aCashier & Customer Servicefor 4 months along with the experiencein the field of Sales, Cashier in Walmart for nearly 3 years. My profile was to receive paymentby cash, check, credit cards, vouchers, or automatic debits, Issue receipts, refunds, credits, orchange due to customers, Count money in cash drawers at the beginning of shifts to ensure thatamounts are correct and that there is adequate change, identify business opportunities and targetmarkets, make initial customer contact through visits or calls & identify each potentialcustomer’s needs.
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