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DIGITAL ENTERPRISEASSIGNMENT 4Student Name:Mir Ahmed SultanStudent Number: 0061079945Word Count:
1Letter of TransmittalJanuary 19, 2017ProfessorUniversitySubject:Letter of TransmittalDear Sir,With due respect, I, Mir Ahmed Sultan, the undersigned student have reported on the website ofthe university below the offered course.The report has helped in attaining sagacity into the deep and the detailed analysis of the varioustypes of website. The entire course was arduous and amusing. Further, I would like to thank youfor the support and the kind help.Kindly offer me with a discreet advice on the particular work of mine.Yours sincerely,Mir Ahmed SultanStudent ID0061079945
2Executive SummaryThe digitization helps in redefining the process of working which is being followed by theorganizations. According to the journal of the digital enterprise 2016, around 65 percent of thecompanies have reported that they require to make various changes in the operations of theorganizations in order to be competitive enough to attain a sustainable competitive advantage fora longer period of time to maximize the profitability to a great extent. Furthermore, the mainmotive of the report is to analyze the contemporary problems and the issues in the sector of e-commerce management relying on the transactions of the e-commerce. Also, it will be analyzedthat how the organization Conesys Electronics will handle the online business efficiently andeffectively.
3IntroductionThe services of online business have been established in order to explore opportunities to a greatextent and be competitive enough to attain the sustainable competitive edge along with themaximized profitability. The online business helps in attracting the potential clients and furtherretain them for a longer period of time. Further, the entrepreneurs develop an online presence toinitiate and expand the operations of the business. Furthermore, it is essential to put all therelevant content on the website along with the complete information in order to make the websiteaccessible. It is truly said that the website of the company reflects its image. So, it is important tomake the website attractive to attract more and more customers to a great extent. Moreover, ithas been observed that the online business have encouraged the customers to make purchases toa great extent. The online business makes the purchasing and the payment of products easy forthe customers and their needs get satisfied adequately. Further, the solutions of online businessestablishes the online presence and this allows to boost the revenue and the sales. It has beenstated that it is essential to manage the expectations of the customers efficiently and effectivelyearly in the procedure of developing a system of online business.Furthermore, the report is being developed in order to analyze the contemporary problems andthe issues in the management sector of e-commerce by extending our website of prototype. Thereport will help in understanding the various models and the solutions which we will beconsidering for our online business and the one which we will be using in our business. Further,we analyzed some questions in order to make e-commerce presence to a great extent. Also, wewill be considering various measures to attain a secure environment of e-commerce for ourbusiness. Moreover, the report will discuss the various challenges of our online business in
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