15.6). According to the bound test theorem. A task set

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15.6) According to the bound test theoremA task set T scheduled by RMA Priciple will always meet it's deadline.if for all tasks Ti(L<=i<=k) we havee1/p1+e2/p2+....+ei/pi+bi/pi<=i(2^1/i-1)the first i item in the above inequality together represnets the effect of preemetions.t7={t1(6,1),t2(12,2),t3(18,2)}where b1=3, b2=2.we havee1/p1+b1/p1=1;e1/p1+e2/p2+b2/p2=0.75<=2(2^1/2-1)=0.83e1/p1+e2/p2+b2/p2=0.75<=3(2^1/3-1)=0.782t3=w3(t2)=e3+b3+{ [t2/pj]ejj=1= 10+5+[32/10]3+[32/20]4=10+5+12+8=35.2t4={w3(t3)=e3+b3+{ [t3/pj]ejj=1
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