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1611 King James Version Bible Application.

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Added on  2019-09-16

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1611 King James Version Bible ApplicationIn this project, you will be constructing an application that serves out the contentof a King James Version Bible. The application will have the following characteristics:All content (books, chapters and verses) of the Bible will be accessible via a network of linked pages (70% of grade)oContent will be served up via a Flask applicationoBooks, chapters and verses will be accessible individually via Flask routesContent will be stored using RDBMS technology (20% of grade)oStored as a SQLite databaseoModeled and served to Flask using SQLAlchemyApp should have optional user accounts (10% of grade)oContent should be navigable without user accounts, but login should be possible. Either standard users, OpenID or OAuth is fine.oUsers should have basic information storedNicknameEmailoUsers should be able to bookmark verses and view their bookmarked versesYou will be deploying your project to your PythonAnywhere account.Getting StartedI have provided starter code at the following GitHub repo: to an external site.)You are welcome to follow the instructions at that link to start your project.If you use this code, thehighestgrade you can expect is a90(even if you integrate users and bookmarks). However, if you integrate users, bookmarks and improve the look at feel of the web app, Imightprovide bonus points beyond 90.Here is an example of a project implemented from this code base that is worth about 85 points: to an external site.)(Links to an external site.)It's worth 85 because it is using the SQLAlchemy bindings for Flask to read the verses from a SQLite database.GradingI will grade your project by viewing your PythonAnywhere web URL (e.g. or
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